How did Server 3 Get Unlocked???

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How did Server 3 Get Unlocked???

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Sent to Recycle Bin due to completing Server 3's details here and all of its corresponding links details. - Avateur

The following happened on July 27th (These are all estimated times.)

3 PM PST was updated with this:

Server 3
Keys Activated

3:05 PM PST

The Server 3 Key Unlock Status gauge at the bottom was slowly increasing. However, no one at ABO, Bnet, CI, or Unfiction knew what was going on...

3:10 PM PST

DHalo from ABO/the IRC channel #args discovered>Media>Concept Art>"The Device"

3:14 PM PST

People found out that if you played 719Hz.wav into "The Device" using your mic, it would lead you into the page that gives you a key to Server 3.

3:20 PM PST

Server 3 Unlocked

IRC Chatter on Discovery

<Unr3alChi3f> yea
<joseph> 2/100 now
<T7P> wtf
<Unr3alChi3f> sunuvabitch
<joseph> What on earth
<Ibeechu> unpossible
<joseph> If it jumps to 3 this isn't a fluke.
<Banshee_105> What the hell?
<Kiaffex> 2/100!?
<Kiaffex> :?
<Unr3alChi3f> ok will not work
<Unr3alChi3f> lol
<Kiaffex> lol
<Menelven> hmm
<DHalo> yea
<Menelven> I'm on a screen saying enter key but it gave me no key
-->| New003 ( has joined #args
<icysoul556> 3/100
=-= New003 is now known as wargamer_17
<DHalo> Thats because the keys are given on another siet
<Banshee_105> So am I.
<DHalo> *site
<joseph> 3/100
<Rag> damn...
<wargamer_17> hey
<wargamer_17> what's going on with this new stuff? how can i help?
<DHalo> WTF
<Banshee_105> Damn it.
<Rag> ahhhhh
<Banshee_105> Help us find the keys.
<Unr3alChi3f> fuckin a
<wargamer_17> ok, what do we know?
* Unr3alChi3f does not know why is pissed, he already helped unlock 1 server...
<Unr3alChi3f> lol
<Kiaffex> Its funny how we get so mad
<joseph> 4/100
<Kiaffex> XD
<Ibeechu> good point chief
<DHalo> some kid said
<Kiaffex> Over a t-shirt
<Banshee_105> That someone's getting keys, and we're not.
<DHalo> goto
<DHalo> Concept Art
<DHalo> The Device
<Unr3alChi3f> GOING!
<DHalo> im lookin now
<joseph> What COncept Art
<wargamer_17> so, what are we missing?
<joseph> Oh that one
<Rag> i got a lead
<Rag> go to media
<DHalo> concept art
<DHalo> the device