bungie webcams!

Leads that wound up being lost causes, having nothing to do with the ARG. Also, for threads discussing what turned out to be hoaxes.

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Re: bungie webcams!

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Corbob wrote:The Webcam 3 has a half 3 half 4 showing. We have to assume the text at the bottom means something also.

Exposure 12500 Internal Temp +106.5(degrees)F

Edit: Also something written on the top of Webcam 3.
Not sure if this means anything either but the temp keeps rising.
Was 105.? yesterday, now 107.5
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Re: bungie webcams!

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Could be a broken temp sensor. I had this problem when running MotherboardMonitor, temps registering at 500+degrees due to faulty sensor.
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Re: bungie webcams!

Unread post by Frogwart »

Sorry guys, but the Bungie webcams aren't giving us any ARG information.

That would be just too easy.

Locking this now.