Something of interest (( 5 pages of reading ))

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Something of interest (( 5 pages of reading ))

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This is about the Forerunners and others like them- In writing this I hope to give an understanding- and possibly get a better on the ideas that I have about the Forerunners- from the views of other fictional civilizations like them. . .

I would also like to say I'm sorry for the amount of text here.

When I was younger I remember my Dad reading these books by a man names Zechariah Sitchin- and I remember listening as he would take about them and as I got older I began seeing a lot of what he would say in things such as the Bible and on TV. So I myself began to read these books, as I have played Halo I have always see the Forerunners like these guys.
As we go I think some of this might come in handy.

According to Sitchin's interpretation of Sumerian cosmology, and our own scientific findings there is a planet which follows a long an elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years, this planet is called Nibiru. Nibiru was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race, called the Anunnaki also know as the Nephilim in the Bible. He claims they first arrived on Earth around 450,000 years ago, looking for gold. Which they found and mined in Africa.

Just a side note : you ever notice how Africa keeps popping up?

Anyways These "Gods" of the Anunnaki were the rank and file workers of the colonial expedition to Earth from planet Nibiru. Apparently in the books that he wrote there was an uprising of the workers- these workers refused to mine the gold. (( The gold was use by the Anunnaki to protect there dwindling atmosphere, see there orbit close to our sun would degrade there atmosphere. The planet Nibiru is self heating. )) anyways after this uprise the Anunnaki genetically engineered Homosapiens as slave creatures to work their gold mines by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of the Homo erectus. He claims ancient inscriptions report that human civilization in Sumer of Mesopotamia was set up under the guidance of these "Gods", and human kingship was inaugurated to serve as an intermediary between the Anunnaki and mankind. Which is funny- because if anyone here know Sumerian history- it was the FIRST civilization. On top of that it was advanced for its time period.

Examples: They knew that the world was round, and that the universe had 10 planets and a ton of other things that they should not have known back than.

So to sum things up according to Sumerian text about 450,000 years ago aliens called the Anunnaki came form a planet called Nibiru who's elliptical orbit brings it close to the sun, which in turn- degrades it's atmosphere, in turn they mined gold to put into there atmospheres in order to protect it form the sun's damaging effects. After a wile of doing this workers decided that they did not want to work anymore- so there scientist took and created modern man for slaves. Latter on the Anunnaki left man to govern itself- every now and than returning.

Okay so now that we are on the same page your probably thinking what does any of this have to do with the Forerunners? Well to understand were your going you need to know were you have been. I'm not saying that this is the base for the Forerunners- to do so would be ignorant. But they are the base for the Ancients in Stargate SG-1.

One of the things that I find fascinating about the Ancients is there mythology- and the rise an fall of there civilization. Which is much like the Forerunners- an advanced Ancient race that seemed to have vanished before- or along the times of our on evolution. Lets see, according to wiki, millions of years ago, the (presumably) first evolution of mankind lived in a distant galaxy along the evolutionary path to ascension. At the time, the Ori and the Alterans ( Ancients) were not distinguished from each other, and lived in one society. However, a philosophical division emerged. The Ori grew more and more fervent in their religious belief, while the Alterans (from altera, Latin: the other(s)), adopted a more scientific/rational outlook. Ultimately, their viewpoints diverged so much that the two groups split apart and began to oppose each other, culminating in the Ori attempting to destroy the Alterans. Instead of going to war, the Alterans decided to leave their galaxy, and began searching for a new home. . . The Milky Way.

After much time, believed by Daniel Jackson to be thousands of years, the Alterans discovered the Milky Way, where they eventually built an impressive empire. The Ancients built Astria Porta (Stargates) across many planets, most of which were probably colonized by the race. Among the planets they settled was Earth, which they called Terra. The status of Earth in the Ancient empire is disputed. However, as the planet's original Stargate, eventually discovered by SG-1 in Antarctica, was the oldest gate ever encountered, Earth was probably one of their more important worlds. It was also once the location of one of the Ancient City Ships, Atlantis, before it moved to the Pegasus Galaxy, and it was where their descendants returned to after their defeat by the Wraith. Although exiled to another galaxy, the Alterans still remained in contact with their distant cousins, the Ori, evidenced by the discovery of long-range communication devices in both the Milky Way and the Ori home galaxy. Still, the two factions remained bitter enemies. Eventually, the Alterans were afflicted with a terrible plague that wiped out most of their civilization. It would later be discovered that what was known of this plague is very similar to the disease used by Ori Priors against non-believers, which had led Daniel Jackson to speculate that the pre-Ascended Ori might have been responsible for this plague.

(( This sounds kind of like the war they Forerunners had with the Flood. Imagen if you will The Forerunners take and created the Flood- was a weapon like the hunters- my guess is that this was before the hunters. Or the Flood could have been a way to prolong there life- as we have seen in game play the flood have the ability to revive the dead.))

Anyways Several million years ago, several Ancients departed Earth in their city-sized spaceship, 'Atlantis' which at that time was situated on Earth, on the continent Antarctica. The exact reason for their departure is unknown, although Daniel Jackson speculated that they might have left to escape the plague that was devastating their civilization at the time.

(( Hum reminds me of Onyx))

One known Ancient (later named Ayiana by the researchers who discovered her perfectly preserved in Antarctica) was left behind. The fact that Ayiana was infected with the Ancient plague when she was revived would seem to confirm Jackson's conjections.

After arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Alterans settled on a planet they named 'Lantea', calling themselves 'Lanteans' from that time forward (also, they have been referred to as 'Atlanteans' by members of the Atlantis Expedition - a name often used by the peoples of Pegasus to describe the expedition members). Finding Pegasus devoid of sentient life, the Lanteans dispersed humans and Stargates across their new home galaxy, protecting the newly-populated planets and occasionally inhabiting them (usually concealing their true identities as Alterans. The humans seeded by the Alterans came to know them as 'the Ancestors'. However, at some point they encountered a leech-like organism called the 'Iratus bug', which possessed impressive healing and immunological capabilities. Through feeding on humans (and processes of evolution), this organism absorbed genetic information from humans and eventually evolved into the vampire-like Wraith. Although it remains unknown precisely how this evolution occurred, the Ancients have confirmed that they were responsible for the species' emergence.

Now this was what I was talking about with the flood- its possible the flood was a bug that they found. In Halo the Flood are a leach like bug itself, and as I said they have the ability to reanimate the dead.

The Wraith, over a vast period, developed into an advanced but violent society (with vestiges of territorialism that were later harshly revived when their prey became scarce) - all the while avoiding the attention of the Alterans. When the sentient Wraith were discovered by the Ancients, it appears their ferocity, belligerence and large population were underestimated (in a rare display of imprudence uncharacteristic of the Alterans). The Lanteans sent a delegation protected by their most powerful warships to negotiate with the Wraith, the ships were ambushed and destroyed. The Lanteans and Wraith went to war, and despite the Ancients' technological superiority, the Wraith overwhelmed the Lanteans with their sheer numbers. During their war which lasted for centuries, the Wraith eventually conquered every planet in the Pegasus Galaxy until only Atlantis, the capital of their empire, remained protected by its powerful city shield.

Now this sounds like Halo once again- the Forerunners fought with the Flood- The Forerunners had the technological advancements- but the Flood had the numbers.

The Lanteans were able to hold the Wraith back with their superior weapons and submerged the city in the planet's ocean to protect it from their enemy's attacks. But no matter how many battles they won, the Lanteans were unable to win the war. They started to make more desperate experiments, such as Project Arcturus, a failed attempt to draw Zero Point Energy from our own universe, instead of an artificial one like in Zero Point Modules. However, containing zero point energy in our own space-time caused serious containment issues, killing the Ancients and the people of Doranda, the planet it was based on. They also developed a race known as the Asurans, nanites designed to fight the Wraith on a cellular level, giving them aggression codes surpassing that of the Wraith. However, their creation took human form, and believed to have developed strategies that the ancients thought to be unethical. Deeming them flawed, the Asurans were subsequently exterminated by the Ancients. Not wanting anyone to find out their mistakes, the Ancients deleted all references to the Asurans in the Atlantis database, save for the gate address. However, a few of the nanites survived and brought up a second evolution, creating millions of themselves until they looked human. The Ancients even created a device which caused explosive tumors to form in the bodies of exposed individuals, but this too was abandoned, as it affected all in proximity.

Eventually, the Ancients realized that the war was lost, and decided to return to Earth, the planet that had been home to them for millions of years. However, before this could happen, they come in contact with a human from 10,000 years in the future, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, who accidentally used a time machine in the Puddle Jumper bay. The Council of Atlantis, not wanting anymore damage to the timeline, ordered the scientist who built the machine, Janus, to dismantle it. They offered Weir to come back home to Earth except not in her time. Janus betrayed his superior by reconfigurated Atlantis' ZPMs to power the city in sequences. They evacuated the city via the Stargate, hoping it would eventually be rediscovered by their descendants. The remaining Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy returned to Earth by ship, or chose to stay behind and ascend. Some of them even created a time-dilation field powered by a ZPM to speed up their path to ascension. Others attempted ascension on Atlantis by using a specific type of DNA Resequencer. This had varying results.

So what you just read was there attempts at defeating there enemy the Wraith- and much like the Forerunners they failed. In the end they had no choice but to return to Earth. Unlike the Forerunners they did not destroy everything- BUT they did have a way. There was a device on a planet called Dakara they had a superweapon that acted much like the Halos. This device was capable of reducing all matter to its basic elemental components, and/or restructuring it.
Anyways moving on After the Lanteans return to Earth, they found only a harsh environment and primitive inhabitants. It was believed that there was no hope of rebuilding their former civilization. So they spread out to distant lands and helped to populate them. Others would depart the planet through the Stargate located in Antarctica, possibly seeking to live out their days on distant worlds within the Milky Way. The remainder chose isolation in which to meditate and seek enlightenment. This would eventually lead to a spiritual ascension for some.

Those Ancients who stayed on Earth and interbred with humans passed on the Ancient Technology Activation gene as well as giving civilization to the people. They would also lay the foundation for the Latin language. Many Roman myths were also influenced by the Ancients, such as the myth that the "Ancient ones ascended to the Heavens". According to mythology, the Romans learned how to build roads from gods known as "The Ancient Ones".

The story of Atlantis and the Lanteans' plight may have had some influence on Plato's Timaeus and Critias. They tell of events which transpired some 9,000 years before his time and were written around 360 BC. Atlantis is mentioned only briefly in Timaeus but is described in great detail in Critias as a city full of great wonders and beauty. The Atlantians observed their laws, and spread generosity and peace for many generations. However, its inhabitants would later become greedy, villainous and power hungry and sought to control or wipe out any civilization who opposed them. Rather than having been defeated by a vampire-like alien race, according to Plato's tale, the Atlantians were brought down at the hands of ancient Athenians. As a final punishment the gods destroyed Atlantis. The Arthurian Legends were also shown to be influenced by the Ancients, in particular the Ancient Myrddin/Merlin, who appeared to have ascended after returning from Atlantis, but to have de-ascended himself in order to create an Anti-Ori weapon. Merlin became known as King Arthur's wizard in mythology, and the Anti-Ori weapon became known as the Sangraal or Holy Grail. He also entrusted his secrets to a small group of nobles which consisted of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

This is also show in Halo - the books show a link between humans and Forerunners. Several Spartans recognize Forerunner symbols, but they can't quite place them, which suggests that they are most likely deep in the subconscious. In Halo: The Flood, the Master Chief just 'knows' how to activate the light bridge, for some strange reason; the same appears true when he activates the Silent Cartographer. In Halo: First Strike, the Spartans just "know" how to operate the Wraith tanks. If the Covenant did indeed salvage technology from the Forerunners, then that might explain it. In Halo: Ghosts of Onyx at one point one of the spartan-IIIs is challenged by one of the sentinels in Latin.

Now I know what your thinking, Chainz Why the hell have you wasted my time with all of this- its nice BUT I don’t see the point. The way that I see it- as this ARG goes on and on we will find out more about the Forerunners- mostly about the Flood for I believe that what we have now is the last data log of a Forerunner scientist just before the activation of the Halos. I have always believed that to know were you are going - you must first know were you have been- What do we REALLY know about the Forerunners? We know that they were an extremely advanced civilization that inhabited the galaxy many thousands of years in the past. They achieved an extremely high level of technological advancement. Halos are stationed all round the galaxy could be seen as evidence that their empire covered the entire galaxy.

At some point, the Forerunners came into contact with the Flood (or possibly created the flood). Seeing the danger they posed to all life in the galaxy, the Forerunners attempted to contain them. They were able to study them in labs such as the one found in the gas mine on Threshold. Several hundred years after discovering the Flood, they created the Halos as weapons to be used as a last resort against the Flood, wiping out all sentient life with enough biomass to sustain them, killing the Flood through starvation. Another purpose of the Halos was to contain the Flood so the Forerunners could study them (as explained by 343 Guilty Spark in Halo 1.) They also assigned Monitors to each ring with the tasks of maintaining them so that they could be used again in case of future outbreaks.

In the second game, Halo 2, 343 Guilty Spark explains that after exhausting every other strategic option in their struggle against The Flood, the Forerunners activated the Halos about 100,000 years ago, destroying themselves along with all other sentient life of sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood within three radii of the galactic center. However, there is some speculation that the Forerunners might be alive in another galaxy. And we all know of the possibility of them going Onyx

The reason I brought up Stargate is because in my opinion the Forerunners possibly followed the same path- Because there are so many similarities between the two.

I believe that the Forerunners came to the Milky Way and are the ancestors of the human race- believe they found the flood and understood its potential for expanding life- or some other genetic reasons. It came to the point were the Flood got out of control and the Forerunners had to destroy them. In turn destroying everything. Its possible the Forerunners left the Milky Way thousands of years only to come back and find humanity the way it was. Nothing is for sure. I can only speculate. I just have a model of what has happened for other fictional races in the same situation or close to it.

I think as this ARG goes on we will uncover more and more logs about the Forerunners- were they when what they did. I love bees was for what the humans on earth did was the Covent came to Earth it gave us an insight into there life. Iris will be the same for the Forerunners.
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Re: Something of interest (( 5 pages of reading ))

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Hum- I know I'm going to get beat over the head for double posting- but this is something of interest. Has anyone bothered to halopedia Iris? Apparently I was right about what this game is about.

"Iris is a spiral campaign designed to take gamers on an incredible journey through the Halo Universe. Led by an 'unknown' hand, users will discover bits of previously unknown information about the Halos, the Flood, the Forerunners, and the true origins behind the Halo trilogy."
—Microsoft Spokesperson"
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Re: Something of interest (( 5 pages of reading ))

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I'm moving this over to the speculation forum...seems more appropriate there.
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Re: Something of interest (( 5 pages of reading ))

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Okay thanks.
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