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The Society of the Ancients

On the evening of June 14, 2007, a Bungie.net user named CrazyBoy3 was delivering papers and saw an advertisement for Circuit City containing a picture of Master Chief with the url http://www.halo3.com/comic/ at the bottom.

Excited users then visited this url and found a comic-book style story taking place about 100,000 years ago about an early human named N'Chala, watching the Forerunner machines build a massive structure in the area of Kenya commonly known as "the cradle of life." The final page of the comic had a series of numbers that could only be found by manipulating the frames.

These numbers, when placed in order, revealed an IP address: This site revealed a mysterious countdown, counting down in base 7 format to about 1:00 AM PDT on the June 21, 2007. The only known significance of this date is as the date of summer solstice.

Bungie.net users quickly found another related site, This site, also reachable through the url http://www.societyoftheancients.com appeared to be the website of an informal club named the Society of the Ancients, dedicated to proving that early humans were aided in their development by a mysterious alien race. The website contained many clues and hints, including the Forerunner glyph found as AdjutantReflex's avatar. SOTA had a membership list and email address to join the club, but Bungie fans who attempted to join found that the email address was not in service.

The Demonstration in Times Square

On Friday, June 15, 2007, a crowd of demonstrators were seen in Times Square wearing bright yellow shirts bearing the Forerunner glyph and "S.O.T.A." (Society of the Ancients) in red letters. These demonstrators, estimated to be about 10 people, carried signs accusing the government of covering up evidence that aliens have been helping humankind to evolve.

The glyph on the shirt and the handouts of the demonstrators confirmed their involvement in this mystery. The handouts made the same accusations about the government and directed users to the website http://www.societyoftheancients.com, already discovered by alert Bungie Community members who had visited halo3.com/comic/.

The demonstration marked the first non-internet incident in the AdjutantReflex events and confirmed that the AdjutantReflex incidents are an Alternate Reality Game.

Click here for pics and video from the demonstration.

Demonstrations Worldwide

Demonstrations have continued in other major cities around the world. Confirmed sightings include London, UK; Chicago, IL; and Vancouver, BC. Unconfirmed sightings include Boston, MA and Mobile, AL.