Forerunner Glyphs & Stonehenge - Connected?

Wild, speculative theories born from the communications with AdjutantReflex.

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Forerunner Glyphs & Stonehenge - Connected?

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From a previous thread that wasn't actually circled around this point I decided to make a new thread where anyone can post any theories and/or images around this idea. I apologise if this is in the incorrect forum but clarification on the subject matter and directory was tedious and difficult.

If you want to see the original thread look here:


As you all probably know, the SOTA website has a particularly large picture of Stonehenge on their website, I figured it could possibly be Bungie giving us a clue so I decided to mess around with the Glyphs and the images a bit.

They also have two other pieces of 'Evidence' up on this page which may look like something when compared to the glyphs, I am referring to the 'Crop Circle' and the 'Antikythere Mechanism'. If someone could look into this that'd be great.

Now onto the theories and pictures. This should contain a list of the currently assembled pictures on the relations to the Forerunner Glyphs and Stonehenge.

EDIT: I have put all of MY pictures into a photobucket link as I do not wish to stretch the page: ... rrow_hawk/

There are quite a few things I tried including some things with the Glyphs themselves, so take your time and look through carefully.

Anyone else is free to post any other theories or pictures edited with the Glyphs, go ahead and begin posting!
Icy Inferno wrote:The wierd thing about Stonehendge is that it doesn't seem to work with the current pattern for symbols.

Using the stonehendge landmarks I made an approximate symbol for stonehendge.

First one I made using solely the landmarks as guides and dis-regarded the center pattern:
Which made little sense when compared to the other symbols but...

....The second one I made I tried to preserve the center pattern:
Link if pic doesn't work: ... dgens3.jpg

Which looks exactly like this symbol!
Link if pic doesn't work:
Which couldn't really be any other because by rotating the image you would rotate the center, causing the opening in the center to not correspond with the opening in the stone hendge circle.

So I'm betting that these symbols mean the locations of arks (maybe there's more than one?) or possibly something else that would include the ark (since its on earth).

Each dot of each symbol (which seems to rotate) might be the corresponding point of a star, if all five of the symbols were arranged like a star arround a focal point. And at the center would be Adjutant Reflux, whose symbol does not match that of the other five.

Like so...
Link if pic doesn't work:

Dunno what it means... I might be wrong...

hmmmm, i wonder what an overlay with the starmap would look like....
EDIT:: Nevermind, I just remembered that an overlay on a star map would be useless because not only is the star image probably fake but the distance between the symbols is relative, meaning it could be anywhere. Not only that this isn't in 3-d.
Air Sparrow Hawk wrote:
System Failure wrote:Hmmm does the aerial view of Stonehenge line up with the glyph anyone?
I just tried that out, I wonder, if the circle was the position of the moon, the lines could be moonlight, this might make a little sense.

If we zoomed in and took an aerial shot of only the stone circle, then overlapped the Glyph, then rotated the glyph to show the lunar position of the moon, it might make more sense.
Note: If you want to mess around with the aerial view of Stonehenge and the Glyphs, there is a clean copy of both things in my Photobucket Album.