[Character] AdjutantReflex's Superior

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[Character] AdjutantReflex's Superior

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x Foman123 x
AdjutantReflex's superior

June 19, 2007

AdjutantReflex describes his superior in forum posts on Bungie.net and sends distress messages to x Foman123 x requesting help.

Three messages are sent to x Foman123 x. After the third message, the entity known as AdjutantReflex is replaced by AdjutantReflex's superior.

After the assumed purging of AdjutantReflex, AdjutantReflex's superior posts twice on Bungie.net:
Posted by AdjutantReflex at 1:28 PM PDT

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 1:43 PM PDT

Adjutant Reflex is terminated.

Attempt no further communication.

I am utilizing its matrix.

Everything is within protocol.

Tomorrow, things may be clearer but I will not be here to witness the clarity.

I am for another place and another time. On my terms.

Be seeing you.
Finally, AdjutantReflex's superior messages x Foman123 x:
Posted by AdjutantReflex via x Foman123 x at 2:05 PM PDT

The entity you communicated with previously has been terminated and in accordance with protocol. Its matrix is accommodating my requirements.

My identity is not your concern.

My intent is your concern.
June 28, 2007
Posted by AdjutantReflex at 10:17 PM PDT

Can you feel it?
Beating at the heart of the Universe.
Skin too thick to be sure.
It's alive though.
I'm certain.
What do I do with life?
June 29, 2007

Subject: Veins of Ice and Poison
Posted by AdjutantReflex at 12:42 PM PDT

|n|n|nROGUE PROCESS ghost.713>
X.XX.713> POS/NAV < @ > <53LPH54.6JG62.1740><1………>

I do not require charity or alms
But I did choose poverty
And other darkness too
Will you wait for me?
Posted by AdjutantReflex at 12:49 PM PDT

Adjutant Reflex is ended. This is a convenient Matrix. For now.
September 13, 2007

Subject: An Empty Casket
Posted by AdjutantReflex at 10:22 PM PDT

This vessel I have stolen is leaking
A jar too small to hold an ocean
I cracked it open to bear me up
Another soul snuffed to speed my passage
Another life desiccated and scattered to the Grand Cycle
I wish to say, just once and truly
This was not a whim
I shared Adjutant Reflex’s pain as it passed
It knew who I was
And why I came
It knew that there was purpose to this
And that a sacrifice had been forced upon it
As it was on trillions past
Another sacrifice comes
But for whom?
The answer lies very far from here
Eleven days
One hour
Thirty eight minutes
And untold light years
Look for me in the dark
Where he cannot find us
And pray as you have never prayed before

This is the way the world ends.