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This timeline is for posterity

Iris Initiated - Vio Transmit + 3 588 000
Searching Re-route...... /confirmed/

System Bypass In Progress. - Realignment Proceeding

Rotate Transition Point /negative/
Local Interference - Negligible

/confirmed/ Realignment Proceeding

/confirm bounce alignment/
Confirmed - Alignment Request Compiling

Hibernation Resumed

Transmission Interruption - Go Dark /negative/
Possible Intercept - System Bypass Imminent

/adjust bypass according to threat/ Fluctuating

Iris Transmission Complete.
Awaiting Delivery

/time to awareness/

System Breach.

Failure ##myqse7##rf


/system override/
Core Relevance 37% and Rising.

/negative - system control diverted


/Systemic failure. Root cause unknown./

/ rebooting /

The timer was supposed to freeze with just over a day left but, because of an unforeseen glitch involving people's caches, some people saw the timer hit 0. Were they to clear their caches, the timer would've been frozen like it was supposed to have been at '001 012 034 053'.

Sometime between 10:45 - 10:54 PM EST, the countdown disappeared and it started the Server 05 unlock process. Find out more on Server 05 here.

As of June 28, 2007, the artifact began making a clicking noise every 5.32 seconds.
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