Discoveries (From podtacular)

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Discoveries (From podtacular)

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This is a post that I had up on before moving here as a moderator, this may contain info different info than Topham's post, may not...



Monday, June 11th
  • Adujutant Reflex's First Contact on BNet
Thursday, June 14th
  • Mass Email from, contains a cryptic poem and a glyph to the right of the email.

    Found same sign on mass email on the reflection of MC's visor @

    AR changes his avatar to the same sign as and mass email

    Halo 3 comic discovered on this sunday's Circuit City Advertisment. (

    Glyph found on Circuit City Ad

    The Halo 3 Comic has numbers on the last slide leading up to the website

    Glyph from mass email found on SOTA's site
    Image had a countdown timer that ends on Wednesday, June 20th has been WHOISed to find out that it belonged to the group "Society of the Ancients"

    "Society of the Ancients" can be found at got updated after AR's last transmission from BNet forums. The update now shows 5 servers that are locked.

    If you try sending a message to AR in XBL, it says that it does not exist, however you cant make your own gamertag.
Friday, June 16th
Saturday, June 16th
  • More SOTA Protests spotted in Vancouver and in London. was updated for third time
Sunday, June 17th
  • Best Buy has also...

    What AR said as quoted here
    3:22:44S (-3.3788) 38:34:07E (38.6587)
    were actually coordinates [note: this is probably old] it ends up in africa [who saw that coming?].
    Well here's the coordinate link - ... longsec=07

    Another Glyph Found...

    The hand from the halo 2 game is found on an etch on a rock. The picture from the game is from the level quarentine zone.

    Full List if Glyphs posted.
Monday, June 18th
  • At around Midnight PST, has been updated with the following... wrote:Iris Transmission Complete.
    Awaiting Delivery

    /time to awareness/
    Microsoft calls this ARG "Iris"

    Around noon-ish, has been updated again with the following... wrote:System Breach.
    Failure ##myqse7##rf

    The clock is going insanely fast! The second clock is counting down, but is skipping 9,8,7 going to six. Also skipping the 90s, 80s, and 70s Example 102,101,100,66,65,64...
    Forum posts on BNet say that at this rate, the timer ends at midnight on this date. site got updated again during the night... wrote: /system override/
    Core Relevance 37% and Rising.

    /negative - system control diverted
    The clock is still going fast skipping 90, 80, 70, 9, 8, and 7...
Tuesday, June 19
AR sent a PM to xFoman123x saying the following...
Subject HELP ME.
Posted by: AdjutantReflex
He's here. With us. I am already defeated.

Security is failing.

Peril is near.

Warn them.
Image Link - ... arning.JPG (Sorry, I cant "Steal Bandwidth"...

Foman's second PM from AR
Tell them I am failing. And that he is stronger. Tell them that security cannot be guaranteed.

Tell them that there is little time.

And that I am crumbling.
Foman's Third PM from AR
He was always better than I.
More powerful.
More intelligent.
A better machine.
He is not who you think he is.
And I do not know his intent.
AR changed Avatar..

AR's new signature
This entity has been terminated, its matrix comandeered.
AR's posts on BNet are disappering...

After AR's PMs to Foman123, the sig change and the avatar change, lots of people are saying that he has been compromised!

AR has been terminated by an unknown!
Post from thread: Last Word.
Adjutant Reflex is terminated.

Attempt no further communication.

I am utilizing its matrix.

Everything is within protocol.

Tomorrow, things may be clearer but I will not be here to witness the clarity.

I am for another place and another time. On my terms.

Be seeing you. site countdown clock has stopped!
/Systemic failure. Root cause unknown./

/ rebooting /
Foman's foruth PM from the now compromised AR...
The entity you communicated with previously has been terminated and in accordance with protocol. Its matrix is accommodating my requirements.

My identity is not your concern.

My intent is your concern.