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READ ME [Updated: Fri, July 27th 12:00 AM]

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This post used to be named Important things you should know. However, do to subject character limits, it has been shortened in favor of showing the last update time.

We are currently archiving threads that prove to be unrelated or dead ends in the new Archive board.
If you think you have found something that you think is connected, Please search the forum first.
We are working very hard to keep the boards as clean and available for the continuing efforts of following this ARG to its conclusion.
Thank you.

Important Facts to Remember
  • Glyph Locations - It is important to remember that the glyph appears to be a "tag" to let us know of relevant ARG information being contained on the website/ad/flier the glyph appears on. There is little point for a website to have the glyph hidden in multiple places that are extremely obscure and hard to spot. If a site has a glyph that has been found, 9 times out of 10, that's going to be the only appearance. If you think you found a glyph, but you have to blow it up in photoshop, rescale it, warp it, and draw the glyph yourself from memory... odds are it isn't really there.
  • Avery Fane - General consensus is that he was hired to hand out fliers for the ARG. Nothing more. He stepped beyond that role and has put his real life in the path of the ARG by posting on his real world blog the URL to the SOTA site. He is also continuing to attract attention by posting information about his involvement with SOTA. He is an actor, who does voiceovers, film, as well as live appearances. We suspect he's trying to make sure that he can use this for his future credits so he can get more work. Anything he says should be taken with a bag of salt, as he has no reason to have been informed of anything beyond his role as a flier hander-outer.
  • 42 Entertainment (ILB Creators)
    However, in an exclusive statement to the panel on the ARG Netcast, 42 Entertainment's Vice President of Experience Design, Elan Lee, announced that the campaign was not a 42 project, and Steve Peters of 42 also replied to an email sent yesterday with a similar statement. Bungie Studios, makers of the Halo series, has used ARG-like elements to promote their games before, beginning with 1999's Cortana Letters, so it's possible they are doing it in-house. Regardless of who the creators are, with live events, Forerunner poetry to interpret, mysterious locked servers on the Halo 3 site, and the mysterious Adjutant Reflex at large, it promises to be an exciting ride!
    From Here: ... a_halo.php
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