Is AR an "AI" or just a Program

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Is AR an "AI" or just a Program

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Ok, i see a lot of people refering to AR as an "AI".

Well, now the word "AI" in the Halo-universe is most commonly refered to the Artificial-Intellegence Construct that Humans have created, ex. Cortana.

On the other hand, people can be refering to "AI" as the what in the Real World thinks of it as any program that can "think" and learn for itsef.

Now, when i went through the forums, i see people refering to both, but i wanted to clear this up. Please post about what we think it is.

My opinion is that it is a program. Maybe on the same level as a "dumb AI". I think this because from what i can tell, it is running a program, to prepare for another "entity" that will come soon (June 18th or 21st maybe?).

Please post how you feel.

(please yell if i am compleatly wrong)