Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by Hive »

Bzzt! A hot team has arrived. Radiation within Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4 is at nominal levels. They are taking the added precaution of hosing down CN Peters and CN Raschad before escorting them to Medical Bay 2.
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by PsycoJoe »

Good, let's hope they're alright.

I want to know if anything has changed in there: objects added, objects removed, whatever. No matter how trivial it may seem.
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by Hive »

Bzzt! Save for a lower O2 content, a heightened CO2 content with traces of argon, and a slightly elevated radiation level, there appears to be no difference within the bay.

Bzzt! Captain, I thought you might appreciate a transcript of the audio before the EM anomaly interrupted our observation capabilities.

Raschad: (Flatly) Olly olly oxen free.
(Pause, 4.2 seconds)
Raschad: (Disappointed) Right, didn't think it'd work that time, either. Two.
(Pause, 15.6 seconds)
Raschad: Three of a kind.
Peters: Full house.
Raschad: (Dismayed) Again? Take it.
Raschad: (Sullen) Merry Christmas.
Peters: Another hand?
Raschad: Only a fool would want another hand with you. (Pause, 1.3 seconds) Deal it.
Peters: Want to shuffle the deck this-
(Signal lost)
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by Hive »

Bzzt! Using previously gained experience from reconstructing audio data, Helen and I have reconstructed this, with a 12% chance of error.

Raschad: EM spike!
Peters: Three.
Raschad: Two.
Peters: One.
Raschad: Pray.
(Indeterminate noise, 9.3 seconds)
Peters: (Surprised) What the BLAM!
(Pause, 4.3 seconds)
Peters: Raschad, you got any idea what the BLAM is going on?
(Pause, 6.3 seconds)
Peters: (Frightened) Raschad?
Raschad: (Quietly) Yeah.
Raschad: (Confidently) Yeah, I got nothin'. Let's see here... Plenty of EM interference. See if we can clean that up, willya?
Peters: (Confused) What about-(Interrupted)
Raschad: Listen, I'm showing our happy friend radiation here. I'm not sure if it's alpha or gamma or what, so until we can figure out if we're going to sprout legs, I'm not so worried about where I am.
(Pause, 4.3 seconds)
Raschad: (Calmly) Cold?
Peters: (Confused) Huh?
Raschad: You're shivering. Are you cold?
Peters: BLAM yeah!
Raschad: You get into the freezer. This is a warm shower compared to that.
Peters: (Frantic) It's below zero, man!
Raschad: I can't read that display over here. How cold is it?
Peters: Four below. Doesn't it say on your display?
Raschad: (Laughs) So it does. I didn't see it.
Peters: Where's the power cord?
Raschad: What's the ultraviolet reading?
Peters: What?
Raschad: (Evenly) Ultra. Violet. What is it?
Peters: (Confused) Um, one sec. (Pause, 4.3 seconds) Normal range. What does the UV count matter?
Raschad: Keeping my chances of cancer as low as possible. (Pause, 3.7 seconds) IR?
Peters: (Calmer) A little high for what's expected right now. Uh, surprisingly little on the elecromagnetic scale. Lots of static in the air, though.
Raschad: High ozone levels, too. Interesting.
Peters: What's it mean?
Raschad: I dunno. Ask metal face.
Unknown Voice, Indeterminate Gender (UVIG): What in the name of every hell are you doing?
Raschad: Apparently just getting my radiation allotment for the decade. You?
UVIG: How did the two of you get here?
Peters: We have no idea.
Raschad: This thingamajigger and an EM anomaly. Peters, keep working. No staring.
(Pause, 12.3 seconds)
UVIG: You don't even care that I'm in Kavacha armor, do you?
Raschad: Is that the name of that junk? No, when it comes to you I only care about two things. You saved my life and you're involved with this mess. One, I want to thank you for. The other, I want to try and put you down for. So could you let us do our jobs, or would you rather help us?
(Pause, 47.0 seconds)
UVIG: Did you two bring presents by any chance?
Raschad: I can give you underwear that just became able to glow in the dark and a nice show if you ask nicely. Because I always keep presents on me when my job consists of press a button and end up...
Raschad: (Surprised) I can't even think of something stupid to say about this. My hallucinations are getting more creative by the episode.
UVIG: Are you always like this?
Raschad: Only when the back of my mind is screaming in abject terror, so... Yes.
Peters: (Hesitantly) I have a pack of Sweet Williams...
UVIG: (Surprised) Oh, he is still with us.
Peters: (Confused) Huh?
Raschad: I'm not here, and he's not here. I'm just enough to fake it, and honestly, I'm still about to start making funny noises. I'll grill him on why he has them later. Why do you want them?
UVIG: Thank you... Peters? Tell them to put an "is" on your nametag. (Pause, 4.3 seconds) This may cool things off in your ship a little. And just think, you're still on my list.
Raschad: What list? Who are you?
(Pause, 13.3 seconds)
UVIG: (Electronic tinge) The enemy. A friend. Somewhere in between. Shut off your magnetic bottle and I'll be able to send you back.
(Pause, 25.0 seconds)
(Unidentified noise: Energy field? Needs analysis.)
(Pause, 3.4 seconds)
(Indeterminate noise, 9.3 seconds)
(Pause, 15.2 seconds)
(Sound of vomiting)
(Sound of blast doors opening)

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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by ZackDark »

Hive, I want a full report from both Peters and Raschad as soon as they are cleared from the hot team and med team.

Also, do your best to analyze the data. See if Helen has any tricks up her sleeve to get more info out of it.
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by Hive »

Bzzt! CN Peters and CN Raschad have undergone treatment for radiation exposure. They are expected to make a full recovery in time. Dr. Muldoon is currently with CN Peters.

Bzzt! Helen and I have been analyzing the data as best we can. We believe that it was a micro-slipspace rupture that somehow interacted with the magnetic bottle. Helen has determined from the analysis of probe data that there was a small energy reading from the planet during the time of the increased EM anomaly size that it was being used as some sort of relay point. She does not believe that they were transported to the planet itself, but somewhere else. This is because the size of the area described in the topographic data recorded by the device is far too large for the area that corresponds to the energy reading.

bzzt! And to me it just looked like a silica deposit!

Bzzt! Though much of the data is scrambled, we are trying to scrub as much as we can. Do you have any preferences on what we focus on?
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by PsycoJoe »

Start with the simplest first. And compare the atmospheric readings with all known planets, constructs, ships, stations, playpens, and brothels. They went somewhere. Let's try to find out where.

Also.... Just kidding on those last two comparisons.

And for Helen's peace of mind a simple 'location confirmed' will suffice if ONI has it listed as "OFF LIMITS! TRESPASSERS WILL BE VIOLATED"

Good work you two.
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Re: Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4

Unread post by Helen »

And here I was, about to load up my database of brothels.

ONI AIs have access the strangest databases you've ever heard of. I don't have one, but I know of an AI that has a reccord of every playpen produced by both UNSC and Insurrectionist planets. So, yes, I have a database of brothels from when I was assisting a group of Orions.

That said, I'm not showing any direct match between any known planet. The shapes of the local structures collected from the topography data suggests that it was a location with heavy archetechture by the ancient aliens.

(The fact that the two of us working in concert still leaves us unable to reconstruct any of the visual data is of great annoyance to Hive. I feel sorry for him; his firm belief that he and your crew can construct or reconstruct anything is the source of this frustration. He's proclaimed "mike foxtrot" so many times now. I think he's gotten a little too used to your personal language filters)

The data will be of great use to ONI, however, in attempting to understand many matters. Sadly, when the fleet arrived to retake Reach and found the Covenant vessels that had been glassing it adrift, we also discovered that most of the structures on Reach had either vanished entirely or been demolished, almost down to the molecular level. Since then, we have not been able to perform any more research on structures belonging to the Forerunners.

Also, Hive just asked an interesting question. I thought I'd share it with you.

bzzt! Why retake Reach if it was being glassed? Wouldn't that be a waste of resources?

It was still being glassed. Glassing takes longer than ONI ever revealed. However, that wasn't the most important part. The most important part ws that most of these ships were modified civilian vessels. It was a case of striking the Covenant. Thinning their numbers. Intelligence indicated that there were a large number of ships there. The idea wasn't to reclaim a ruined star system, it was to make the eventual fleet which would attack Earth smaller.

You don't want to know what kind of nukes those ships were carrying, Captain. The plan was to simply get as close to Covenant ships as possible, and then self-destruct. The ships with MAC cannons that were as far from the combat as possible would do the rest. That's why this plan couldn't be enacted until Reach fell. We would have killed far too many of our own with nukes that took up almost the entire cargo hold of some of those ships.

It's also worthy to note that three of the ships with MAC cannons were technically not under the command of the UNSC. As a token of peace, Lord Hood offered to include Insurrectionists in the operation. Only three vessels accepted. Still, it was three more than anticipated. Lord Hood let them leave without incident.

No matter what Chair might think of him, that was a good political maneuver on his part. When the UNSC offered amnesty to any Insurrectionist who could prove that they helped in the war with the Covenant, twenty-two military vessels and eighteen civilian craft full of Insurrectionists accepted, not counting the number already on UNSC worlds.

Funny how that works, isn't it?
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