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To: Cpt********.1465.UNSC.THESEUS
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Attachments: 4 (UEM-F484-U.MP.S-3101A-4, UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31021-C, UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31022-E, UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31023-3, 88 Mb total)
Subject: Ariel


By this point in time, those still on Halo discovered something rather quite horrifying. Many of the Orions, especially the G1 Orion-IVs, were beginning to show severe physical issues. The months sustained entirely on stimulants, the combat-enhancing drugs, the experimental procedures, everything was quickly taking its toll on them. Organ failures, neurological conditions, cancers; you name it, it seemed to be manifesting. Conditions for the G3s weren't much better, due to skipped treatments.

The Monitor of the installation, as well as the Guide it had built, were trying to help as best they could, but much of the raw data (DNA samples, medical histories, etc.) had been destroyed on Reach. Several had to be put into cryo-stasis pods that were built on the installation. (Apparently the Monitor considered this primitive, but both the humans and the Guide agreed to stick to technology that they could understand.)

Meanwhile, F484 was suffering just as bad, if not worse. The medical staff on board the ship tried to help as best they could. Though they had arguably better-suited technology, being designed for humans in the first place, they still had no training in dealing with the unique physiology of F484. They also had many of the same roadblocks as those on Halo did.

To his credit, however, F484 pushed through the difficulties as best he could. He could still run, fire a gun, and most importantly, think. To him, this was all he needed to prove that he was still combat-capable.

Upon reaching their destination, they discovered several Covenant ships surrounding the planet. Though the human ship was able to stay hidden, F484 and Myung took a single Pelican down to the surface. How they were not detected and destroyed is still a mystery.

On the planet, however, Myung lured the crews of all the ships, as well as all Covenant on planet, to her location using her unique construction. Doing so allowed her to achieve the impossible: Single-handedly killing all of them without firing a single weapon. (We assume that she somehow released a great deal of localized radiation, but it is still under heavy debate.)

Soon after, the ship was called in to retrieve all human survivors for transport to a safe haven. This wouldn't be the first time that an Insurrectionist ship assisted UNSC forces, especially civilians. The conditions were described as “cramped and miserable.” Still, the humans were able to get free, and another data dump was delivered to ONI from F484's suit. This included medical data that showed his rapid declining health.

Naturally, our story should end there, as they never dealt with another human again. As far as we know.

Naturally, it doesn't. It continues its severe twist into science fiction territory. The only reason why we know that it isn't a work of fiction are the ripples we felt afterwords.



P.S. Sorry this took so long, but my window briefly closed.

Note by Hive: Captain, I have encountered additional encrypted data within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
Are you somewhere with wheat fields?

UEM-F484-U.MP.S-3101A-4 wrote: Myung: I never thought I'd be happy to be back in this suit. I'm starting to understand why you never take yours off.
F484: Come on, we've got work to do. They say that there's traps down there. I want to see if we can avoid them.
Myung: Or if I can shut them down.
F484: (JOKINGLY) You are learning.
UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31021-C wrote: F484: You're sure that's the last of them?
Myung: Affirmative. The AI should be up ahead.
Knowing: I am The Knowing. I observe and record. I was created by a people once thriving, now ages gone. They are what you could become, and what the Covenant wish to be. What else do you wish to know?
F484: That's a big metal eye glowy thing in the ceiling.
Myung: (STUNNED) Yes.
F484: That speaks English.
Myung: Yes.
F484: And wants to know what we want to know.
Myung: Yes.
F484: There's nothing in my training to prepare me for this.
UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31022-E wrote: Myung: Wait, if they could use you to wipe us out down to our DNA, could we do the same to them?
Knowing: You are correct.
F484: I'm not going to be responsible for genocide.
Myung: Neither am I, but there might be something there we can use.
F484: Let's avoid the biological warfare route. That never ends well.
Myung: Alright, are there any warships we can use?
Knowing: There is an inactive fleet. Engineers are aboard and inactive, waiting for activation. However, the shield world has been heavily compromised by the Flood.
F484: Too risky. Again, the downside of biological warfare.
Knowing: The Flood were never considered as a weapon, only as an enemy.
Myung: (GROWING UPSET) Alright, fine. Are there any that we can safely get to? One of your warships has to be able to take on a ton of Covenant ships.
Knowing: None that are safe for the two of you to attempt to secure at this time. Perhaps in 250 years this will change.
F484: If you know everything about us, you're familiar with our flash learning, right?
Knowing: Yes.
F484: Please prepare a file on these, these, and... this.
Knowing: I am now transmitting.
Myung: What's going on?
F484: Don't interfere, don't remove my helmet until The Knowing says it's okay. That's an order, Private.
Myung: (CONFUSED) What?
UEM-F484-U.MP.S-31023-3 wrote: Myung: (CONCERNED) Is he going to be alright?
Knowing: Use of that neurostimulant mix has sped up his neural decay. I cannot predict how much longer your Reclaimer will be able to function, however my best simulations do not give him more than two of your standard months.
Myung: (DETERMINED) I want to see everything about him. Don't hold anything back. Copy all the data you have to my systems.