Notable Interaction: Welsh/Jarvis

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Notable Interaction: Welsh/Jarvis

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Bzzt! As per your orders, I have monitored the following conversation.

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Welsh: You still upset about Raschad and Wolfe?
Jarvis: (Grunts)
Welsh: Listen, jarhead, don't stress it. Raschad might be a BLAM, but he's not a thief, you know? He's only a BLAM when you can get him back somehow.
Jarvis: (Angry) He gave me advice that only pissed her off!
Welsh: Yeah, and? (Pause, 3.2 seconds) Wolfman only likes to hang around people who can take as good as they give. Or the other way around, whatever. We all make snappy comments around here. It's how we keep from groing crazy on these trips.
Jarvis: Groing?
Welsh: (Coughs) There ya go. Apparently I can't talk, either. (Pause, 1.3 seconds) What I'm saying is, David wouldn't have made the first move. He doesn't know how to flirt. Half the time it ends with him saying no punching and meaning it. The other half he gets punched. Or slapped. One time, he got kneed in the babymakers.
Jarvis: (Disbelieving) Seriously?
Welsh: Like I said, he's a jerk. The kind of jerk that watches out for you, though. He wouldn't stab you in the back. He'd do it to your face, take the retribution without BLAMing, then loan you fifty and later insist that he didn't loan you anything. He wouldn't tell you wrong just to steal her out from under you.
Jarvis: So what the BLAM did I do wrong?
Welsh: Don't look at me! I've only seen her go after guys with long hair. Blond guys, too.
Jarvis: But he isn't...
Welsh: That's what I'm saying. He's not her usual type, so it doesn't make any sense. I don't know, you don't know, so until she's back here eating with us non-BLAMs so I can ask her, I wouldn't worry about it. We can't know until I ask, so there's no point in stressing it. Besides, you want that pass to the O-Club or not?
Jarvis: (Mumbling) Yeah...
Welsh: Okay, then help me figure out these hand signals. Now, how about one for 'This thing isn't working'?
(Pause, 5.3 seconds)
Welsh: (Indignant) Hey, now! There's no need for...
Welsh: (Happily) Oh! Now I get it! That makes perfect sense, and almost universally understood. Sorry, I thought you were... Yeah, I wonder if the Cap will accept it.