I'm doing what I can

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I'm doing what I can

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Note by Helen: By your orders, I'm not removing the header. What difference it makes is beyond me.

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Subject: I'm doing what I can


If what I'm reading is true, I understand completely why you're upset right now. You have my sincerest apologies. Especially for the behavior of Helen during all of this. I'm fairly sure that you've been cursing up a blue streak a mile wide.

I'm doing what I can to try and help you right now. I don't have many favors that I can call in anymore. Anybody that I garnered them with are usually long gone by now. But there are a few, and I'm trying. A friend in need and all that.

Unfortunately, HIGHCOM itself is backing this one. That makes things... difficult. Understand, they're chomping at the bit for answers and security, in such a way that even people that you didn't thaw are probably going to get a full debriefing two or three times. Just think about what the people who aren't in the freezer are going to get.

But I'm not a woman who doesn't have any teeth. I have an avenue that I can go through to try and knock some sense into them. All of them. And if that doesn't work... I'll see what my AI can do to help you out. I may not like the infernal thing, but it does what I say.



Note by Hive: Bzzt! Captain, I have encountered additional encrypted data within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
You didn't mean to hurt him. We all know this. You were just curious.
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Re: I'm doing what I can

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Thank you. I'm sure he'll recover fully. And I get the feeling that there was no aggressive intent during the encounter. I have an idea I would like to try but getting anyone to actually participate would take some talking. We'll see what comes up.
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