Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

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Re: Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

Unread post by Hive »

Bzzt! During the EM anomalies, I am unable to operate any sensors within the zone of the anomaly. Depending on the intensity of the anomaly, communications within it are possible. The sensor blockage sometimes lasts beyond the end of the anomaly, though it clears up relatively quickly. I am unsure as to the cause of this lingering systems blockage, but it appears to be mechanical. Helen and I are working closely with the engineers to try and determine the cause.

Bzzt! The symbols reported on the screen are unfortunately unknown. When personnel arrived, the symbols had vanished. I'm sorry.

Bzzt! The EM anomaly was centralized around the cryo bay, but extended beyond it. I am uploading a map to your CNI. As you can see, the maximum that it extended was four meters beyond the aft side of the bay. At no point in time did it appear to move.

Bzzt! Captain, I would like to remind you that I have detected 536 EM anomalies aboard the station since construction began. There have been no reported incidents, and they have yet to hinder communication.

Bzzt! CN Raschad's condition is listed as stable. The doctors have a few ideas as to what caused his condition, however these have been deemed as classified by Helen. The doctors report that he is currently in a comatose state, however they are unsure if this is due to physical or mental trauma.

Bzzt! Dr. Muldoon has sent you his report.

Lt Muldoon wrote:Captain,

Due to doctor patient confidentiality, I cannot in all good faith give you the transcripts of my time spent with Samantha. However, I can offer you this. She is suffering severely from CN Raschad's incident. She feels great amounts of guilt due to his efforts to protect her. This, combined with her own confusion as to the exact nature of her feelings towards him, has left me with little alternative but to temporarially relieve her of her post until further notice.

If you can't see how all of this might sound to the crew, then I'll spell it out for you: I leave it in your good hands to come up with a reason for neither one of them being on post for the time being. I advise you to lie.

Helen sent me a subtle message during my time with Wolfe that you wanted a description of the armor. Since I already knew that I was sending her to bed immediately after our session, I took the liberty of collecting as accurate a description as I could out of her.


I'd also like to specify that this was different from the earlier report of an apparition, which was described as [REDACTED]

I've given Wolfe some sedatives to sleep, and have placed her in the infirmary. I'll continue to check in with her every day until I deem her fit for duty again. I'll let you know if her situation changes. That said, naturally, I wish to warn you that after this mission, one of the two of them will have to go. Perhaps both. We can't have this level of romantic entanglement aboard a UNSC vessel.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that I hate being woken up before I've gotten a minimum of three hours of sleep. Hive, please give the Captain a cross section from the list of things that I hate. Include a minimum of six other things that I hate, just to reinforce it.

LT Muldoon, Robert
bzzt! Sorry about the redacted parts of the message. You can probably guess who's responsible.

bzzt! As per Dr. Muldoon's request.

A List of Things I Hate For The Senior Officers wrote:229: People who insult VaGuNum's lyrical genius.
230: Being stabbed by druggies.
231: Your mother
232: Being woken up before I've had a minimum of three hours of sleep unless done by a woman with a Russian accent who is wearing a French maid's outfit. Red hair is a must.
233: People who do not take proper care of pet turtles.
234: Alcohol and those who consume it.
235: The fact that you won't let me smoke on ship.
236: Regulations that keep me from being able to do my job to my satisfaction.
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Re: Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

Unread post by Helen »

I've done what I've done for a reason, Captain. I'll tell you what you need to know.

What happened to CN Raschad will only happen to those who have a CNI implanted. They will suffer it to a lesser degree than CN Raschad, however. I'm guessing a splitting migraine. The reason why he suffered more is classified within his medical records.

As for the armor. I can confirm that it matches the Kavacha Personal Powered Battle Armor System that F484 perfectly. The simulations that were run on what it must have looked like after his final known combat activities match on all counts, as do all of the personal modifications he made to his armor.

It does not match the first apparition that was reported, however. That said, given the appearance of F484's armor, even as an apparition, I can safely say that the appearance of the other figure was within the expected statistical probabilities.

And that is all that I will say.
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Re: Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

Unread post by Carver »


Please have PO3 Wolfe recommended for transfer after Dr. Muldoon has cleared her for duty. Until then, she and CN Raschad are to be escorted and guarded by protective detail 24/7. This is for their own protection. I imagine there's already a hushed whisper amongst the crew about them being an 'item', so chalk this up to a lover's spat that got way out of hand. CN Raschad's 'undisclosed' injuries were not intentionally inflicted by PO3 Wolfe and were accidental in nature. The protective detail is to enforce article 247-A, Subsection 2 of the Enlisted Personnel Protocol and Conduct Manual, prohibiting 'romantic or sexual fraternization between crew members and enlisted personnel.' If XO McAllister needs a translation for her own distribution, tell her the guards are "to make sure there ain't no hanky panky rocking the Captain's boat" and to also make sure another 'spat' doesn't happen again.

Have Dr. Muldoon counsel PO3 Wolfe on the subject of voluntary transfer. It's better if CN Raschad believes she chose to leave, in my opinion.

As for the equipment malfunctioning...Do we have any analogue recording equipment? I know it's archaic, but it's worth a shot. Since anything digital seems to be affected by the EM anomalies, perhaps some good ol' fashioned chemical film will stand up to our poltergeist problem.

And since I'm sure Helen is listening, I want to make it clear to one of my crewmen is in the infirmary and another is no longer fit for active duty, both as a direct result of a Shipboard Incident of Foreign Origin, officially making this a matter of personnel safety. As the Commanding Officer aboard this vessel, it is my duty to protect my men through any means necessary. Therefore, I am enacting my priority command status and declaring a state of classified emergency, to be known only to those immediately involved.

And as Captain, I am making the descriptions of the two sets of Kavacha armor directly related to the S.I.F.O. and therefore necessary information in keeping my crew safe. Now, if our frigid little spinster of a spook A.I. wants to pull ONI rank and continue to deny me my rightful use of said data, then I want it known that I shall put in a formal report to the nearest ONI vessel and to Command that I suspect our guest A.I. to be malfunctioning and potentially not complying with the Three Laws, particularly the First and Second Laws, due to her potential harm to shipboard personnel by method of inaction in direct conflict with the C.O.'s attempts to protect his men.

In short, I am the Captain of this vessel, and as Captain I demand to see any and all pertinent information, 'Redacted' or not, that relates in any way whatsoever to the incident in Cryo Bay 2, or I'll make Rampancy look like a case of the sniffles compared to my personal description of Helen's recent conduct. And trust me, what our 'ghosts' look like is beyond pertinent.
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Re: Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

Unread post by Helen »

You're actually threatening me? And you're quoting protocol in the same message? How amusing.

Special Operations Protocol 485-D Subsection 14
Any operation that results in the possible discovery of a Class 6 Weapon of Mass Destruction will not be disclosed to unauthorized personnel until clearance is given directly by HIGHCOM.

Materiel Security Protocol 214-A Subsection 7
Any equipment which is deemed sensitive in nature and of vital security to the stability of the UNSC and any human colony is to be released on a need to know basis only[...]

WMD Retrieval Protocol Sec

It stood about two hundred and ten, maybe two hundred and twenty centimeters. I'm not sure. Sort of a dark green. The chest was angular and wide. It felt masculine. It was like... It was like the armor was secured to the body glove and itself. Does that make any sense? The bodyglove was almost rigid, in a way, with lines in it to help with movement, I think. But it was tight and form fitting. Thick, too, by the looks of it. I mean, except for general size, I couldn't tell what was underneath. Um, the left shoulder had a large pauldron, is that what it's called? Larger than the right. I mean, it stuck up higher, and was wider too. Higher than the shoulders. The visor on the helmet was blue... God, you're going to clean all this up before you show the Captain, right? ...Okay, okay. Um... Yeah, the visor was sort of blueish. It was angular, too, like it didn't curve. Kind of like the old ODST armor, you know? Only smaller. Like it was only meant to cover the eyes, not the whole face. There were... I don't know, blocks on the sides, and up top. Some sort of sensor suites, I think. I mean, that's what it reminded me of, when one of the boys who has to check the really little stuff attach that kind of crap to their suits. Or maybe it was a comms array. Or maybe it was just there for show, I don't know. Legs? The armor was angular on them, too. The knee guards were small. The boots were... I don't know, armored boots? I mean... No, no there really wasn't anything special about the legs. They looked fairly beat up, though. The knee guards were so small I almost didn't see... No, wait! There was something on the right leg. Like an armored holster on the thigh or... Wait, wait! On the chest! There were places to attach webbing. Like, built into the armor. Um... On the shoulders, sort of behind the head, it looked... They came up oddly. I mean, they were small enough across that I could have grabbed each one firmly, but they must have come up to the chin or so. No, higher. No, more like the ear. Yeah, they came up to the ear or around there. There was something on the arm... No, the right. It had, like, a laser designator or something coming off the arm guard. I don't know... No, no, the helmet was pretty flush with the visor. Still angular, but curved. But I thought I saw tubes in it. Not, like, through it or anything, but around the jawline on either side was a tube that was briefly visible. It looked damaged, like something had been ripped off. The whole damn thing looked damaged. I mean, all the armor was gone from the left arm. His left, not mine. Mid-bicep, maybe. About here... Yeah, exactly. Yeah. But on the bodyglove thing, you could see the mounting points, where the armor was supposed to attach or something. But the armor on the arm, it looked kind of melted or something. No, like it had been blown off and carryover heat had melted it a bit, or the rest of the armor had been vaporized or something. No, not drippy, but it was rounded and smooth. No idea, sorry. The thing could have been made from tin for all I know. Patterns? Um, there was a bit of one on the back of the hand. It reminded me of the stubs on gloves in fighting games. Does that make sense? Um... That's about it as far as patterns go. I mean, seriously, they expect me to describe something like this?

88$#*>>&!(^246G%A2))GF=@IDO8390%@)X375!#r all crew.

In short, Captain, you'll get your information when I get a message directly from HIGHCOM telling me that you're authorized for it. Now, if you don't pardon me, I have work to do.
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Re: Alert! EM Anomaly: Cryo Bay 2

Unread post by PsycoJoe »


To paraphrase an old vid I once saw as a child: When it comes to the safety of my crew, there's me and then there's God.

We are the Space Bees. NOT the Space Mushrooms. If you have any theories about these anomalies, including how to prevent them from injuring my crew, it would be best if you were up front. Unlike some of the units you may (or 'may not') have been assigned to, my people are not expendable.
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