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Halo Bible Project (halobible.bungie.org)

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From UNSC Trooper at HBO:

The Halo Bible project has gone live. An attempt to put together a comprehensive Halo "Bible" containing sources, double sources, backing, external sourcing and removal of speculation, interpretation, fan fiction and unbalanced contradictions from Halo canon. Strict quality control of articles has been established, however it's not entirely perfect. It all depends on the dedication of the members of the future Canon Consistency Council.

Writers with a good grip of Halo canon can try their hands at writing an article about a certain element of the Halo universe. The article will then be filtered through 3 quality-maintaining councils before being accepted as an "official" article in the Halo Bible. Furthermore, the Game and Novel research groups will provide assistance with canon from multiple sources and Halo media.

The Article Writing Guidelines should provide details on how the system works. I need to make myself clear in advance, though. Speculation is not allowed to wind up in articles submitted to the Bible. It's all about canon and removing contradictions.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the quality filtering system, or how to further organize the research groups, please post on them on the forum.

Dedication is what matters.
More info is in this thread at HBO.