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Re: Bungie Award Acceptance Videos Discussion

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:56 am
by Samusaaron3
It looks to me like the level with the blue grid is a blank slate level that will have a huge forge palette, allowing players to create their own custom maps.

I think that in the G4 video, they are just standing on a placeable forge object on the blank level.

Re: Bungie Award Acceptance Videos Discussion

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:43 am
by apoc4lypse
ROFL can't belive I missed this... I thought I was really stretching things when I decided to go through this video and actually Spectograph the sounds at the end. Any one else notice the strangeness in background sounds at the end (its normally different... they altered it a bit..)

Anyway... *opens photoshop real quick*
After messin with photoshop and the spectograph again... I realize it isn't as prevelant as I thought but its still there none the less, and it only seems to happen when I reverse the sounds from the video using sound recorder and then spectograph it.

(click for full image...)

-And also... over laid for some extra details (u can see erase marks from the overlay) and zoomed in a bit.
I was actually going to overlay the spectograph image ontop of that, but when I zoom into it the image is lost... I guess its sort of an eye trick or optical illusion because theres spaces of black inbetween all the blue, so when zoomed in at all, it kind of disappears...

Thought this was interesting though, but tbh I don't think its worth much now... one thing I will say tho is that there might be more images within the spectograph, at one point I thought I even saw the planet from the end of halo 3 but maybe my eyes are playin tricks on me. This image however sort of reminds me of Guilty Spark, but I'm not sure of the signifigance of that either... if it means theres going to be specifically a Halo 4 with more Halos, I'll be a little disappointed.

Its all speculation though, tell me what you guys think.

Also heres a link to a spectogram if anyone else feels like picking apart the audio for themselves.

Oh yeah one other note... If you look at the video you notice that everything looks very screwy, it almost looks like the enviroment there in is a puzzle and you could match up different patches with other patches of the bsp... idk...

Re: Bungie Award Acceptance Videos Discussion

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:12 am
by Samusaaron3
Sorry, but I think you are trying too hard. I do not see anything abnormal in the spectrograph; I think your eyes are just playing tricks on you.