Bungie Announcement Delay

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Bungie Announcement Delay

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Alright everyone, there's plenty of info coming in and plenty of rumors (many false) flying around the internet right now. I need to ask everyone to "please remain calm" and patient in regards to whatever is going on with Bungie and their publisher (confirmed by Luke Smith to be Microsoft). None of this is false or some ploy to help build hype. Employees of Bungie are extremely disappointed about this, and apparently Bungie did everything they could to prevent this delay from occurring. The front page, the wallpapers, and the webcams show that Bungie was absolutely ready to make its move and show us something amazing. I don't see Bungie locking the door to us when they were about to turn the door knob and let us take a glimpse at their amazing new brainchild.

Louis Wu has spoken with many employees in Bungie and other outside sources that have confirmed this to be real and not some marketing ploy to build hype. I'm going to repeat this: many fans and Bungie employees are obviously extremely disappointed. Again, everyone just needs to "please remain calm" and be patient. And yes, I'm using the Superintendent's phrase of "please remain calm" to help Bungie out. I trust Bungie. They're obviously completely ready to show us something, but for some reason cannot. Let's all calm down, put our trust in Bungie, and remember that good things come to those who wait.

- Avateur