Halo 3 tips

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Halo 3 tips

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Edit: Is it just me and this was a bad idea, or does no one really care to help those who might need it?

I thought that it would be a good idea to throw out a few tips for people on how to get a few of the achievements or to do other things. Pass along skills and ideas, things like that.

I want to compile a list of some of the best discovered tactics for not only enemies in the game but other people as well. Aside from the obvious and well known ones like a charged plasma pistol and (insert weapon here) I want to know what people think works the best.

Personally I like to use the hammer and have a shot gun in reserve while using grenades as my long range weapons.

Another possible helpful tip is something that surprises me. Most people don't realize that a melay will charge you forward just like the sword, just with a much smaller range. What I suggest when using a shot gun and you fired too soon to kill your target, melay them.

I have also observed that many people rely too much on their radar, which is easily fooled. I can't even begin to count how many people have come blindly charging in to a room thinking that their grenade or something has killed me only to learn that I was crouching and had a surprise waiting for them .

I have also sadly noticed that many people haven't gotten the "Too close to the sun" achievement. This is simply put, shoot down a banshee with the spartan laser. Microsoft suggests that you study the pattern of flight of the banshees on the level "Covenant". I suggest something a little easier. Save the spartan laser till after you have shut down the first tower. Then fly your hornet around the banshees near the second tower till on of them begins to follow you. It helps if you shoot at them but not kill them. Land on the second tower and fire the spartan laser at the banshee that was following you. If you did this correctly the banshee should be flying straight at you and you shouldn't have any trouble aiming at it.

For anyone who want to I am more then willing to play co-op with people who want a quick guide to any of the campaign achievements, skulls, terminals, and eggs (ex. the monkey people).