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X.XX.713 > ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing

Unread post by RoflSalad »

Anyone remember the theory that Bungie left a message at the end of the first H3 trailer?

I've done a little look-seeing, and personally I can't read it- but I wonder if it has something to do with ghost.713? Bungie said we'd be seeing it much more often (Or something to that effect.).
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Re: X.XX.713 > ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing

Unread post by Avateur »

I'm beginning to think that that text is going to show up on the terminals in HALO 3. The Marathon terminals had some odd text to them every so often, usually right underneath Durandal or Tycho's names on the main terminal screen before whatever text was to be presented. Of course, I just thought this up just now based upon what you just said, but thanks for getting my mind working! :D
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Re: X.XX.713 > ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing

Unread post by uncle_trubble »

I think it represents Mendicant Bias, the Forerunner AI you hear about in the Terminals, as you see it every time he (presumably it's him) talks to you in the terminals.
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