European Iris package shipping question

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European Iris package shipping question

Unread post by Mjonir »

Hi everyone,

Discussing with sharpsniper we got a bit worried about the packages for Europe and we decided to send some similar messages wherever we could:

I'm writing then sending this message to people I think might have the answer hoping that somebody will answer, I know you must be very busy right now.

A lot of people played the Iris, and a few motivated European people could get a key and then activate a Server. However, we heard that people in UK haven't recieved anything yet, and we are a little worried. Are the packages just late, or aren't they shipped to UK at all? And what about others European countries like Belgium?

If these packs aren't going to be shipped, is there a way to send you proofs that we unlocked a Server and at least get the key for the Iris GamerPic or something like this?

Thank you in advance, hoping that waking up at 5AM was worth something

If any of you has an answer, a way to give these questions to people that have the answers or are worried to and volunteer to send it, please do so.

Hoping we'll get some answers, Europe is still alive! :P
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Re: European Iris package shipping question

Unread post by sharpsniper99 »

Since its unlikely the bungie folk read theyre pm's can everyone who cares send it to them once?
Not that im suggesting spamming Frankie or Sketchfactor or anyone, if each of us pm that to them im sure they will notice it eventually
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