Discussion of the out-of-game, real-world aspects of the Iris Alternate Reality Game.

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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by sharpsniper99 »

i managed to luckily get into server 4 despite all the mess ups, so before you read this, i just want you to know its what i truly think and not me being bitter -

i agree fully with Rewind, i know this isnt a thread about complaining so ill keep it short and sweet, but peaple in europe in general except for ide say server 4 had a tough time trying to be around for server openings.
and the storyline has been incredibly sucky, server 3 was especially crap, so anyone in it not for the prizes but the story like me would be especially disapointed, the whole thing is a disjointed mess, and unless they do something really amazing to pull it all together its going to be remembered as pretty terrible with lots of disjointed parts that dont work together.

anyway back on topic, i think anyone who really deserves the pic, who didnt get into another server, but really tried to deserves it, i know both milk and ryu were around on the chat loads and ide give it to one of them personally, although by the sounds of it van helsing deserves it
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Frogwart »

Having an Iris gamerpic would be a sweet thing. I'm still enjoying just being able to be here and help out.
I don't know exactly what might make me worthy, but I'd thank you if chosen, and wear the pic proudly.

Thanks to
Seven7th Prophet for the nod.
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by ProfessorHojo05 »

Once again I say give it to the mods unless they don't want it. I just want to know WHO gets it in the end.
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Renegade »

so now ive got it narrowed down to frog and van, hmm. ill have it figured out soon.
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Hayday »

im not gonna say that i diserve it but i would like to have it, seeing as i was unable to unlock anything myself because im on a slow pc in the middle of africa while i am suppost to be having vacation, and instead of relaxing on the beach i am worrying about servers unlocking without me, which of course 4 out of 5 did, i was on durning server 4 unlocked but i was one of the people who got distracted by TAL think it was the BPC, what a sad day it was. also i got up extra early today to see if anything happened in halo 3 or if AR made a post, but nothing So Far, but then again it does say Tomorrow, which has a problem because Tomorrow NEVER comes.
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Andorhal »

Ive been working through this whole thing and im always too late for servers :(
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Lichtonatus »

We're automatically nerds if we're here (so are you by the way) and we'd all quite like a gamerpic. So what?

By the way, has Van been around since server 5? He might not even know we're doing this. Be funny if he just comes on and is given a gamerpic randomly XD
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Hayday »

i got a better idea! lets all compare the grand prize of a gamer pic! (im just joking unless the person with the extra gamer pic really wants to give it to the nerdiest of us all) first u will be asked a number of questions! like Whats Spartan 117s real name!
[spoiler]Answer: John![/spoiler]

and the like!
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by SickTreeHugger »

whats the 2nd state of rampancy?
Dante G188
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Re: GamerPic

Unread post by Dante G188 »

Well if u haven't already picked a "winner" I would like to have the gamerpic to show my love of Halo. I'm sixteen so the servers would unlock for me (must be 18). :cry:

o and Anger is te second stage of rampancy
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