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[File] MB_5.MP3

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This file was found on Server / Episode 05's Bounce Path Control page:
Transcript wrote: As a broken marionette,
The future is out of my hands.
Infinite answers to our present have shifted
And you, Redeemer, now hold the keys.
Tomorrow, things may be clear
But I will not be here to witness the clarity

More records remain.
Wells not drawn upon.
Depths you are not yet ready to grasp.
But the luxury of readiness is almost at an end.
And we shall soon see what we shall soon see.

Walk among the footfalls of empty dust.
Living where your kind's bones make soil,
The next movement is set to begin.

As before, the battle is one sided
As before, a failure in action
May lead to the death of all.

But new to this life,
Is the belief that we can overcome.
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