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Comic Transcript

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Halo Comic Transcript

Africa 100,000 years ago

His name is N'Chala. He is an Elder Among his tribe, Respected for both his Wisdom and his COurage.

Every Morning, He Rises with the sun and makes his way to the exact spot. And Then he watches.

He Watches The wind as it sweeps through the Tall Grass

He Watches the Predators as they Stalk the herds.

And he watches the Gods as they build their Machines.

He Does not know why they are here, or what they are building, deep in the earth. He does not know why they disturb the mother. But Still, He watches.

As day gives way to night, N'Chala rises again. He returnes to his dwelling to ponder the days events.

Can, Atleast, Tell the Story. And so with his steady Hand, he paints.

Etching onto the walls the strange symbols he has seen day in and day out, repating over and over again.

Perhaps some day, the Gods will reveal themselves to him. Untill then he will continue to watch. And Wait...