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The Iris Community

Unread post by Avateur »

Hello everyone. I wanted to express my thoughts on how the Iris community has acted up to this point of Iris, with emphasis on recent events and today. I'm extremely proud to be working with everyone involved with Iris. I mean, the good that has come out of all of this is that we've all found a way to work together. ABO is extremely tight, as is CI, Unfiction, and NeoGAF. Sure, we all have problems occasionally, but they get dealt with. On top of this, we've found ways to bridge the communities through a joint ABO/CI IRC channel.

Iris has definitely brought HALO fans together, and helped spark more interest in HALO in general. The entire marketing campaign is truly amazing, and has really assisted in the development of our huge community.

Unfortunately, the prizes being offered with Server Keys have been tearing at the community, but not anywhere near like many of us had thought.

What I witnessed today was truly something to commend everyone for. We all deserve a huge pat on the back. The problems we had opening Server 4 today were, luckily, not CI vs ABO or some other form of community in-fighting. The way the community reacted and helped one another, via the forums and IRC, was honestly the best teamwork I've seen throughout this entire ARG. Almost EVERYONE was on and waiting for Server 4 Keys to pop up, searching, passing along ideas, and working with their counter-parts in other forums and on different channels. There was bound to be disappointment, but pretty much everyone who was on had an equal shot at getting a Server Key. Everyone was in it with each other. True community teamwork!

What spoiled the day? A RUN TIME ERROR. Obviously, many hundreds were upset and extremely angry and disappointed; but instead of focusing on how poorly the unlocking process went, all we need to do is look at the good that led up to it. The community really came together in the run up to this Server, from the moment the poem was found at, to the time the Server Key page was discovered. That alone should make everyone proud.

In conclusion, I'd really like to thank everyone for contributing and taking part in Iris! I'm extremely grateful to be part of a community as great as this, and I look forward to continuing to work with you all as Iris progresses! :)

I agree with this too, good job guys. Menelven

+1 Agreed as well! Great job to everyone. I think the community has really pulled itself together inbetween server 03 and 04, and I think we can really pull off the finale to this ARG quite well. Keep up the good work! -DH

I feel all giddy inside. :) I too completely agree with this. The end is near, and you all have been great. Hope to see you all soon. ~Rokit~

Fourth moderator to agree with this... ~Unr3al

This post is fill of tru7h and WIN! In this time of MySpace, independant thinking and glamour tend to prevail. It warms my heart to see that that mindset isn't set in stone for everyone :)

Seriously, I was very proud of the way everyone handled themselves Thursday, and happy to be of service to the community.
Thanks go to Avateur for making this collective back-patting happen, and thanks to everyone who's been part of Iris so far.
The finale is going to be sooo sweet....


Well said - as I've always said, said.

I agree with what was said about our community. I award ten internets to everyone playing. Great work, guys!
~The Se7enth Prophet

I'm glad that this whole thing lasted out, though I'm not sure all or even most of our questions have been answered. Thank you Bungie and Microsoft for the ARG and here's to the game of the year, Halo 3.
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by Panzer »

Well said, its great to see all of the groups work together to solve this mystery.
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by shamanistcrage »


you are just tryin to get mah package ;)
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by nicrotross »

*slowly begins to clap *Now clapping heavily

Wonderful Avateur, just wonderful!
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by halosavior »

here here!

or is it hear hear!

Oh what the heck awesome job everyone!
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by EliteSniper177 »

im just glad to be here, this is a great community, its gonna be sad when the ARG ends
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by DavFlamerock »

Sure, the shwag is cool, but it's all about the community, as Avateur so eloquently put it. And remember, the REAL prize awaits us on September 25th...
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by thebruce »

The REAL REAL prize would be if it were free... :P
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by sharpsniper99 »

well said!

and in my opinion, as cheesy as it sounds, the real prize is the way the community has come together
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Re: The Iris Community

Unread post by wargamer_17 »

Well said. It's good to hear that everything went well. It's nice to combine two groups together and work on it as one, rather than fight and try to be the first before the other. anyhow, it was hard for some to help in the #CI/ABO channel because it was muted, so, like me for instance, i couldn't give any input when it got closer to the server opening. Oh well, let's work on server 5 now.
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