Waveform in server4 video.

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Re: Waveform in server4 video.

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This post will be slightly OT but i want to answer the questions asked.

In the books (dont remeber which one, but one of them) they speak of how an AI can only retain so much knowledge before it begins to speed up the time in which Rampancy occurs. Cortana was already a few years old when she was assigned to MC and they landed on the first HALO. When they got there she copied and stored ALL the information on the first HALO, ALL the information on the Covie ship they stole, and ALL the information on the second HALO. now keep in mind she already has all the known information on human history, everything that we know. its safe to say that Rampancy at least one of the major factors of her most recent actions.

now back on topic.
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