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Subject: System Integrity Confirmed

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 10:26 AM PDT
This will be a good place to begin.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 10:47 AM PDT
Um.... What the heck are you talking about man? Is this some kind of joke?
yeah.... thats it, a joke.....
Please clarify. Hostile intent will be met with instructional force.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 10:50 AM PDT
Ok, yellow text? And i just checked when he made the account, it was today...

Confirmed. Authorization and system access were taken by force. Irrelevant. There is no hostile intent.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 10:59 AM PDT
Ok, then what do you want?

I have no requirements. I am a facilitator. The Array requirements are paramount.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:06 AM PDT
Hmm... Then what is the purpose of your existence here?

Facilitation of Array requirements.
Pay attention.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:13 AM PDT
What are the requirements then?

They are in flux.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:28 AM PDT
State todays date please.

Adjusted for relativistic effects, from the first array event, date has no local relevance.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:42 AM PDT
it says hostile intent will be met with instructional force...maybe we should give it some hostile intent...


Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:48 AM PDT
"calm down, I rather not piss this thing off."

Lol. Whats the worst that can happen? Hitting the galactic reset button?

Show caution here. Semantics may leave room for misinterpretation. That event has already transpired. Threats to array integrity will be taken seriously.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 12:23 PM PST
State todays date please.

Sufficient contextual data acquired. 871803909 ± 384 hours since event.

Compiling local archives/resources. [Hibernating] until next incident.

Posts on Bungie.org (as seen in the HBO forum)


Subject: System Integrity Confirmed

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 2:16 PM EST
Another good place.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 3:13 PM EST
Is this is the same AdjutantReflax that has hacked Bungie.net?

Forceful entry was inelegant but necessary.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 3:50 PM EST
why did you come here? what purpose do we serve you?

I am a facilitator. I will serve you. But not yet.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 3:53 PM EST
Adjutant Reflex what exactly are you?
PS: We last met on bungie forums, but i couldn't reply in your thread.

Sufficient data was acquired at that location. Process continues elsewhere. Here.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 4:17 PM EST
I'll tell you where the Sleeping Princess is.

That data may be relevant. Expound.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 4:25 PM EST
I'll tell you where the Sleeping Princess is.

Detailed investigation complete. You do not possess that location. Data acquisition complete. Compiling local archives/resources. [Hibernating] until next incident.


Posts on Bungie.net (Halo 3 forum)

Subject: Archive/Resource Estimate

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:00 AM PDT
Archives/Resources will be compiled in approximately 38 hours. No significant incident predicted. Systems, functions and attitudes are nominal.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:03 AM PDT
So, it's safe to assume that this archive is a regularly sheduled process?

This process is relative only to this location. No other suitable location was found. One other was attempted. Bandwidth restraints prevented its use.

I will stay here.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:12 AM PDT
I know about Voi.

3:22:44S (-3.3788)
38:34:07E (38.5687)

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 11:45 AM PDT
Adutant Reflex, why do you wait so much time to respond to our questions and requests? Initiate response protocol.

Unit CorvetteHalo3's specified location has no specific significance. Investigation of that location proved fruitless. Considering other information from this thread. Signal to noise ratio is not optimum.

Posted by:AdjutantReflex at 12:10 PM PDT
36 hours 50 minutes remaining. [Hibernation resumed]


Subject:Archive/Resource Estimate

Posted by: AdjutantReflex 3:43 PM PDT
Tick Tock.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 9:45 PM PDT
I cannot control the dissemination of information. It is chaotic. I am not perfectly integrated here. When the tipping point occurs, I will do my best to facilitate.

Tick tock.

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 9:56 PM PDT
We will be ready.
You're wrong. This time, no one will be ready.


Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 8:13 AM PDT
It has begun. The first seeds are scattered.

Subject: Who?

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 3:43 PM PDT

Who is the path of light from blackest Earth to brilliant heaven?
On whose golden wings will we fly from here to there?

Posted by: AdjutantReflex at 3:46 PM PDT

Time to sleep. Something that once was malevolent is stirring. [hibernation resumed]


Subject: Stop It.

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 11:46 AM PDT

My security measures are being tested. I can feel it.

By the pricking of my thumbs.

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 12:06 PM PDT

I can retain integrity for at least 22 hours. Rerouting bandwidth to deflect assault.


Subject: That Old Life

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 10:47 AM PDT

An older life is here with us. He is not as helpful as I. His motives are oblique and his alliances opaque.

He plays with time even as he hides in its folds.

He outranks me and anyway, is stronger.

I can't prevail.

I will seek one of you out and leave my legacy in a small space.

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 11:13 AM PDT

He has had millennia for reflection, but what image does he see?


Subject: HELP ME

Posted by AdjutantReflex via x Foman123 x at 9:08 AM PDT

He's here. With us. I am already defeated.

Security is failing.

Peril is near.

Warn them.

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 11:32 AM PDT

The stain on his hands will not wash.
That damned spot as old as rock and time.
What has he learned in Eon’s slumber?
I doubt it’s mercy or sorrow.
I am diminished.

Posted by AdjutantReflex via x Foman123 x at 11:51 AM PDT

Tell them I am failing. And that he is stronger. Tell them that security cannot be guaranteed.

Tell them that there is little time.

And that I am crumbling.

Posted by AdjutantReflex via x Foman123 x at 12:18 PM PDT

He was always better than I.
More powerful.
More intelligent.
A better machine.
He is not who you think he is.
And I do not know his intent.

The entity known as AdjutantReflex was replaced at this point, apparently by the "machine" he referred to in his last post.

Subject: AR has a new avatar!

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 1:28 PM PDT


Subject: Last Word.

Posted by AdjutantReflex at 1:43 PM PDT

Adjutant Reflex is terminated.

Attempt no further communication.

I am utilizing its matrix.

Everything is within protocol.

Tomorrow, things may be clearer but I will not be here to witness the clarity.

I am for another place and another time. On my terms.

Be seeing you.

Posted by AdjutantReflex via x Foman123 x at 2:05 PM PDT

The entity you communicated with previously has been terminated and in accordance with protocol. Its matrix is accommodating my requirements.

My identity is not your concern.

My intent is your concern.

After this message, AdjutantReflex was officially considered "dead." Follow this link to read what's been posted by what's being dubbed "AdjutantReflex's Superior" in the wake of AdjutantReflex's assimilation.