joyeuse7 on youtube

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joyeuse7 on youtube

Unread post by alexus »

looongtime readonly on hbo :-) I want to contribute to the arg:

While looking at the Video from joyeuse7 I remembered Bunge doing the play-backward-to-hear-audio-trick. And I found out that
there are german numbers hidden in the video! Those are NOT the Morse-Code that has allready been translated
(Take Up Your Arms, My Children. Take Up Your Arms And Embrace Your Destiny.)

So far I can make out:
_40 742_3 13793 94960 8_6_4
they are grouped togehter and each group is repeated once. The first _ is special, all following three _ sound the same. But I can’t make these out. Its like she sais *Wert* (meaning: Data).
I don’t know how or even if this is related to the destiny-arg but I think it's definetly important and valid to contribute it here.

feel free to chime in on this, is it part of a alphalupi Image or part of the final puzzle?
And what has Martys recently posted Marathon-Terminal-esque Image to do with this (%94301=30290)?

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Re: joyeuse7 on youtube

Unread post by Ibeechu »

At first I was like :OOOOOOOO but further investigation makes this not seem official. For now I'm gonna call it and say that it's not.
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Re: joyeuse7 on youtube

Unread post by thebruce »

and the video is oooooold
other than the fact that the tumblr was updated this week
(but yes, imo, not official)
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Re: joyeuse7 on youtube

Unread post by mahisehar »

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Re: joyeuse7 on youtube

Unread post by Eliseo52 »

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