“One love, one heart, one destiny.” (Thursday)

Discussion & Speculation for the Alpha Lupi ARG - February 2013

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“One love, one heart, one destiny.” (Thursday)

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(Semi)Related Valentine's Day quote provided by Bob Marley.

URL: http://alphalupi.bungie.net

Chart provided by ncsuDuncan

Coordinate. Combine. Clarify.
[Note: (x, y) visibility limited. (u, v) analysis might prove useful.]

Active Baselines:
Frequency gaps detected. Additional global observatories required. v-resolution particularly limited.

Your node will remain active for 5 minutes, but may be reactivated as necessary.
Distributed, synchronous effort required.

One thing to point out, the http://alphalupi.bungie.net/instructions.aspx has been slightly altered, adding in additional information on how to go about solving these puzzles going forward.
instructions.aspx.png (323.14 KiB) Viewed 286087 times
Added material at bottom of page:
Think not of locations, but the spacings between, as seen from each target. While one hemisphere provides a strong center, the other must heed the call in order to bring light to the unknown.
This now implies that we really need a coordinated effort from around the world, in order to see a clearer picture.
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Re: “One love, one heart, one destiny.” (Thursday)

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Dont Pass Gass at Bungie.net has compiled the images yet again!

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Re: “One love, one heart, one destiny.” (Thursday)

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The image plants the paragraphs at six distinct corners in the image. One in the top left hasn't been used yet, and one in the bottom right is completely missing.

However, there are seven days. I think it's a fair bet that the background for the last one will be in the middle. Any takers?
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