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[Day 2] [File] 09394972304.jpg

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
Approximate time to solve: 11 hours, 30 minutes

Upon returning to http://alphalupi.bungie.net/ and clicking the "6" for Tuesday, users are greeted with a new prompt.

Getting by the "gate" on this day and going forward, users should follow the chart provided by ncsuDuncan:


After getting past the gate, users were once again prompted with an output and a geomask image.

Coordinate. Combine. Clarify.
[Note: (x, y) visibility limited. (u, v) analysis might prove useful.]

Active Baselines:
Frequency gaps detected. Additional global observatories required.

And at the very bottom of the page, it says, "Your node will remain active for 5 minutes, but may be reactivated as necessary.
Distributed, synchronous effort required."

thebruce, using the same fourier analysis from Day 1, found that a QR code was hidden within the geomask image.
Fourier Analysis.png
Fourier Analysis.png (74.49 KiB) Viewed 379056 times
Using the same method as with the first day, the multiple geomeshes were combined to form the QR code.
QR Code.png
QR Code.png (579.13 KiB) Viewed 379056 times
thebruce>> [recreated] the QR in excel for easier scanning. The latest image posted above was enough to fill in the missing required decrypt bits.
The QR code led to the following url: The QR code led to the URL http://alphalupi.bungie.net/09394972304.jpg
09394972304.jpg (780.86 KiB) Viewed 379082 times
Life waits inside this world's bones.

Your voice flows across the red rock
and through the dead valleys, speaking in code
and goads.

Ancient volcanoes swell, exploding at their
peaks and splitting wide along their
shoulders. Ash clouds blacken the starved
air. A fossil ocean of ice softens and
collapses; geysers erupt, tall as mountains,
throwing up steam and clouds.

Every moment matters. And from a great
distance, in the midst of a thousand careful
disasters, you watch the transformation
with your own eyes.

The rose has blossomed.