Status Update: 04/01/2612

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Status Update: 04/01/2612

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Bzzt! Dr. Muldoon reports that CN Peters is doing better, though he is still avoiding the topic of what he saw during the EM anomaly.

Bzzt! CN Raschad is still in restraints following the same events. Though currently passive, he has suffered self-inflicted wounds to his arms and the back of his neck. Dr. Muldoon states the anti-psychotics will "kick in" any time now. He also states that such a reaction, given CN Peters' reaction, is perfectly understandable and to be expected. He is suggesting that CN Raschad be treated for a minimum of two years for PTSD before once again being allowed aboard a ship. He also suggests that CN Raschad receive a commendation for keeping CN Peters from suffering the full effects of combat stress reaction while having severe psychological trauma at the same time. He also suggests that if we place CN Raschad in his cryo-chamber, we render him unconscious first, as it may produce a reaction.

Bzzt! Both men are expected to make a full physical recovery within three months.

Bzzt! Construction of the station has been completed. Testing of secondary systems has begun. Testing of primary systems is at 43%. There have been no problems found so far. Current estimates suggest that within 36 hours we will have completed our mission, including giving time for the identification and repair of any systems not working adequately.

Bzzt! There have been no more reported EM anomalies aboard the ship or station, however they continue to appear at random in space.

Bzzt! I have been continuing my scans of the silica deposit within the planet's crust that showed an energy signature during the EM anomaly in Chemical Thruster Bank Starboard 4. It still appears to be a simple silica deposit.

bzzt! I wish we had the time to send down a team with proper excavation equipment to try and analyze it properly.
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Re: Status Update: 04/01/2612

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