Who is 69086 Aurora Cygnus?

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Who is 69086 Aurora Cygnus?

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Probably every one here would say that they have never heard of him/her/it.

On Sept 14th 2011 in a halo forum called 343i.org Someone called 69086 Aurora Cygnus made a thread called "System Integrity Resumed"

although it wasnt actually Aurora Cygnus that first made the thread, It stated that a construct called "The Prefect" was the one who created it then Aurora Cygnus took over which then this image became its profile pic http://www.343industries.org/forum/uploads/av-13453.jpg.
It then began posting links to a site called artifact.at.ua and on that site there are a list of archives along the left side of the page.

After going through each archive i tried to figure you what they were about and if any thing will be related to halo 4.

First thing i found interesting there are 4 archives called S-I-R , and in the 4th one theres a part that says "Error 404" and "she played and sang and said goodbye, there is still much to do" months after i seen this i finally found a reference on ilovebess.com if you click on recruits you will see i says Error 404 in the tab at the top of your browser page and in the paragraph you will see it says "i was the sleeping princess, i was the one who played with you and sang with you and said goodbye".

After going through the archive there will be some reference to halo, and other stuff that i just cant work out.

here a few other things i was able to discover,

in the archives and in the thread in 343i.org says it is in charge of a facility but never stated what kind of facility or the name.

and in this archive http://artifact.at.ua/index/archive_01/0-33 it appears to have recieved a scramble transmission but its very hard to make you what the voice is saying,

in this one http://artifact.at.ua/index/archive_06/0-44 there is a lot if numbers and letters, which is hexadecimal and when translated is says this

The burnished light extinguished by the mass sea of harrowing darkness.
The sound of life slowly ravaged to a lingering echo of silence.
As they fall into the abyss of eternal blackness a trickle of pity is shed for them.
But whose shoulders does the strain lay upon?

Once again history is winding back upon itself.

myself and a lot of others people recieved an email that was most likely from this aurora person the subject was called "ancheron" and this is what it sent http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/images/583646Ancheron.png

In this archive http://artifact.at.ua/load/000003091206 ... ty/1-1-0-1 there is a file that allows you to download which is this http://artifact.at.ua/_ld/0/1_00000309120654.png, the file is called 00000309120654 conventus facility, after helping a friend find the terminals on halo cea i accidently discovered that those numbers from that file were on halo cea terminal 2, which appeared as 000003., also after googleling the word "conventus" it said it was a latin word for meeting point or assembley point, and in that halo ce terminal we see all the installation monitors gathered in one room and 343GS going to meet up with them.

Now that file is an image of some sort of hall way with a symbol at the end with red binary codes going across the image whic translates to





It's mine.

theres other archives i havnt mentioned becasue it would be too much to post but go to artifact.at.ua you can see them all, and if you do go through each one you will notices by the was it talking its being hacked or going rampant when it did its profile pic from the halo forum became this http://www.uploadimage.co.uk/thumbs/755555hac.jpg

i found this whole thing interesting.