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From Dr. Muldoon

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Bzzt! Captain, Dr. Muldoon has sent you a report.

bzzt! I have applied your personal language filters.


You've no idea how excited you've made me. I was there when CN Raschad regained consciousness again. We had a nice long chat about this and that. I found out his favorite show as a kid, discussed his relationship with his mother, found out what his favorite cereal is, discovered his taste in music runs towards Pondsmith Scum (some people have no taste), and talked at great length about his worries that he may be becoming a pathological liar.

This may not sound like much to you, but it means a great deal in our progress. I let him speak for the majority of it. My input was minimal. He's opening up. Perhaps the greatest wall that I've had to deal with are the walls that he's built around himself. His attitude of "trust yourself first and last" has made true progress before this point a difficult process.

However, I get the impression that he feels defeated. That by showing just how deep his emotional scars run in that incident, he will not be effective aboard the ship. It's this that I think is the cause of his willingness to leave. I also believe that he feels that he can save PO3 Wolfe's career by doing this. This ties in with his reoccurring belief that he is somehow inferior and must sacrifice of himself for the good of others.

I'm going to see if I can hunt down a bag of gummi bears in the morning. I seem to vaguely recall that he had a fondness for them as a child, though I cannot find the note of it offhand. I'll go through my notes before bed. I believe that if I can find some link to his time before the Lebanon, when his life was more stable, I may be able to get him to open up more.

If this is all that it took, then we should have had him BLAM around before now.

LT Muldoon, Robert