AR's superior = MB?

Wild, speculative theories born from the communications with AdjutantReflex.

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AR's superior = MB?

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I guess the subject says it all. When we consider both Mendicant Bias and it's superior, are both AIs trying to get out it's story to the listener. In Halo 3, it is through the terminals. Could it also be that the same is the case through the servers?
Lets look at some evidence:
"Look for me in the ark"
With one exception, all the terminals are in the ark.
"AR's superior"
Offensive Bias, who was constructed in the first place to do what AR's superior did to AR, wipe MB out.
"Q: What are your requirements? A: They are in flux."
MB was made to destroy the flood, but sided with them, and was having second thoughts by Halo 3
I'm sure other points can and will be brought up, but I'm willing to guess that AR or AR's superior, one of them is MB