Humans aren't forerunner?

Wild, speculative theories born from the communications with AdjutantReflex.

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Re: Humans aren't forerunner?

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Incidentally, I agree with both of you completely. But as I may havve said before (maybe it was on HBO), I try to think of theories and look for justification, since while they often go nowhere, they help to uncover new stuff or look at old stuff in a new ight, as this has.
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Re: Humans aren't forerunner?

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thebruce wrote:totally agreed. I still hold to the figurative 'you are (essentially) forerunner' meaning from Spark...

The Precurser stuff is relatively new info, and I like the potential parallel in that the Forerunners are like humanity - they don't know their origins, and they discovered higher technology strewn about the galaxy, and they were in search of answers, struggling in a war with the Flood... what if, we are actually descendants of the precursers, so we're actually like the parents to the Forerunners? :) heh or we share them as a common ancestor? long before the age of the Forerunners, the Precursers did all this stuff that uncle_trubble believes, and that's why the FR think we're special... :)

really, just shooting aimlessly now, heh.
It's clear enough that forerunner stuff is, as of now, very OLD. Humanity itself has only been around for so long. If we were the Precursers, then this would have to mean that the forerunner empire rose and fell overnight (which I don't believe happened, as the terminals lead us to think), or that here is some major flaw in the dating of human history in terms of the ages of human/hominid fossils (could be possible, considering that all of our scientific equipment missed something as large as the warp sphere generator to the Ark under New Mombossa).

Frankly, if it's not the latter, I don't see how it could be true at all.
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