The Terminals & the Legendary ending. *SP*

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The Terminals & the Legendary ending. *SP*

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Hey guys. Gravemind posted this at HBO and it's a really great theory. I asked if I could post it here, and he said sure! Read, speculate, discuss, and have fun! And there are extreme end-of-game spoilers here, so if you haven't beaten campaign on Legendary yet and viewed the after-credit cutscenes, stop reading now!
Posted by Gravemind at HBO:

The sixth terminal (the one on the third tower in the Covenant) contains the following text:

Follow-up report from the Primary Pioneer Group (hereafter: PPG) is [173 hours] delinquent.
Report [G617a~k/g/post_landfall] seemed most promising: a planet capable of supporting life located within the near border region of the [galactic halo] with no indigenous sentient species.

The section indicating no fauna of any kind shall be considered anomalous until verified by Advance Survey Team-Alpha (hereafter: AST-A) team leader [##_#[?]] If confirmed, that fact alone would justify the dispatch of an investigative group to [G 617 g].

Could this planet mentioned in the terminal be the planet seen at the special Legendary-only cutscene at the very end, or am I misreading things? I don't think anyone has aksed this question yet, at least not on this forum.
Posted by me (Avateur) in response to the theory:

That's a pretty cool theory that I've never seen before. I suppose that it could be possible. Unfortunately, it all depends on just where the Master Chief ended up at the end of the game. Did they make it out of the Ark, but landed randomly in the galaxy? Or are they still somewhere near the Ark? If somewhere near the Ark, then they're definitely well outside of the galaxy and its galactic halo. Either way, I think it's a pretty feasible theory.
Anyone else have any thoughts on this topic? Mathematical probabilities? Info on a galactic halo? To expand my reply at HBO, I'm already aware that the galactic halo contains many globular clusters of stars. I have no idea how that would affect a planet or synthetic world, though.