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r1e2u3b4e5n6 wrote:
yakaman wrote:Keep in mind that Sentience is not the same thing as Sapience.


Dogs are sentient. Humans are sapient. Elites are sapient. Cows are sentient. Fish are sentient. Halos care nothing about sapience; only sentience (and biomass).
You mean forerunner are crocodiles? Nah.
Sentience refers to utilization of sensory organs, the ability to feel or perceive subjectively, not necessarily including the faculty of self-awareness. The possession of sapience is not a necessity. The word sentient is often confused with the word sapient, which can connote knowledge, consciousness, or apperception. The root of the confusion is that the word conscious has a number of different usages in English. The two words can be distinguished by looking at their Latin roots: sentire, "to feel"; and sapere, "to know".

???????Bungie error? :o
All things which can feel can be killed by halo, thus, they are flood hosts. Flood elephant or crocodile? wow.
You should read all posts, before you post yourself. I already pointed out that every animal with a brain would be killed by the Halos.
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