Back to Stonehenge?

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Back to Stonehenge?

Unread post by improvman2 »

I had visited Stonehenge a couple years ago, and remembered an overhead picture they had at the site, and how similar it looked to the glyph. When i looked it up i found this:


Looks pretty familiar, right?

delving into the lore behind stonehenge, i found that "Stonehenge is also mentioned within Arthurian legend. Geoffrey of Monmouth said that Merlin the wizard directed its removal from Ireland, where it had been constructed on Mount Killaraus by Giants, who brought the stones from Africa"

I've been digging everywhere for more on these 'giants' and where they were from, but havent found anything yet. If anyone else has any ideas on this toss em out there
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Re: Back to Stonehenge?

Unread post by ProfessorHojo05 »

Actually, the stones came from a quarry only a few thousand miles away. If this did have anything to do with this ARG I would say that the "Giants" are Forerunner robots of some kind.
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Re: Back to Stonehenge?

Unread post by Menelven »

It's only a couple of hundred miles, they have even pinpointed the exact quarry in Wales that they were sourced from.
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Re: Back to Stonehenge?

Unread post by Lurono »

That would be the real spot, yes, but he said in Arthurian Legend ;)
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Re: Back to Stonehenge?

Unread post by VoiceofDissent »

Here is the exact passage from the Wikipedia entry:
According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the rocks of Stonehenge were healing rocks which Giants brought from Africa to Ireland for their healing properties. Aurelius Ambrosias (5th Century), wishing to erect a memorial to the nobles (3000) who had died in battle with the Saxons and were buried at Salisbury, chose (at Merlin's advice) Stonehenge to be their monument. So the King sent Merlin, Uther Pendragon (Arthur's father), and 15,000 knights to Ireland to retrieve the rocks. They slew 7,000 Irish. As the knights tried to move the rocks with ropes and force, they failed. Then Merlin, using "gear" and skill, easily dismantled the stones and sent them over to Britain, where Stonehenge was dedicated. Shortly after, Aurelius died and was buried within the Stonehenge monument, or "The Giants' Ring of Stonehenge".
(emphasis added)

That last line especially ("The Giants' Ring of Stonehenge") is interesting. Obviously, because of SOTA's website, we know Stonehenge is somehow relevant, but this really adds to its intrigue.
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