Conservation measure thing

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Dan the Stick
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Conservation measure thing

Unread post by Dan the Stick »

Hi, I gotta go quickly but I was looking thorugh some old science text books *shudder*...and I came across some things about conservation (mainly conservation of energy - energy can't be created or destoryed, etc). I also looked up conservation on wikipedia and found a page of links that may or may not be useful.

The "conservation biology" part looks interesting, but I couldn't read through it all. Sorry if this is not relevant in any way, feel free to lock or delete if necessary.
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Re: Conservation measure thing

Unread post by HelixPrime »

Before you post anything, think about why your posting it, tell why you think its interesting or to be frank not many people are gonna bother picking through it to find it. E-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-e spells elaborate. Let us know.
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Re: Conservation measure thing

Unread post by Ibeechu »

Uhhh... you know that conservation is a real word, right? Why do you think this could be connected?
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Re: Conservation measure thing

Unread post by MulletedOne »

Wikipedia is already confirmed out of game, right? Thanks to the fake AR?
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Re: Conservation measure thing

Unread post by MetalGear1022 »

I don't think this is related, since Bungie didn't invent the English Language.
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