Alien Ship Videos

Leads that wound up being lost causes, having nothing to do with the ARG. Also, for threads discussing what turned out to be hoaxes.

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Alien Ship Videos

Unread post by Mrguy »

So Im a fan and noticed a pretty cool video of an alien ship flying around. I wanted to find out it origin and went to There a guy reposts this..

Someone posted below it that it is part of the Halo 3 viral marketing
campaign with similar CGI clips in other cities:

This is the video for which we are now posting

Punta Cana:



Brooklyn 2:

Is this Halo related? I did a search through the pages of the forum but didn't see anything on videos.
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Re: Alien Ship Videos

Unread post by Omega Hunter 9 »

As far as we know, this is for a different ARG, but not Iris.
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Re: Alien Ship Videos

Unread post by terstyne »

The UFO's in Haiti look an alful like the UFo's in the Bungie comic.
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Re: Alien Ship Videos

Unread post by DHalo »

This has been discussed before; a simple search for "ufo" would have shown that.


Subsequently, the videos have not turned out to be IRIS related; at the same time evidence that they are NOT related does not exist either.

In any case, I'm going to lock the thread. If the videos turn out to be IRIS related, we'll either open up an existing topic or make a whole new one.

Until then...LOCK.