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[Site] Server / Episode 4

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On August 9, 2007, at approximately 8:13 AM PST, after having followed the poem that led to The Castaway Theory at Amazon.com, Server 4 went from inactive to pending. For hours no one on any forum had any clue as to what we could do to get to the Server Keys.

At 10:50 AM PDT, Thomas Sanatos posted one more time at Amazon.com:
Thomas Sanatos says:
Everything has changed!
I am walking around in a stupor right now. Ha-ha! It almost feels like the last two years have been a dream.
He's back!
That is, he's not in my house, not directly in front of me, but I spoke with him this morning.

I was going through my usual routine. I had my coffee and was beginning to check email when I received a random IM:

"I almost have it. It won't be too long before I can return" -- profvol49

At first I thought it was a horrible joke, possibly from one of you that have been so suddenly interested in his disappearance.
You can't blame me for being skeptical; your sudden interest has taken a bit of an emotional toll on me. It has forced me to relive the loss.

So I asked him things that only Jonas would know.
No one could have faked his answers.

OMG he's back!
After reading Thomas Sanatos's post, WhiteRaven119 added "profvol49@hotmail.com" to his MSN Messenger list. Jonas Volman was not a real person, but a bot, set to respond to the correct commands. sassafras has provided us with the following conversation:
Sassafras says:
Where have you been for two years?
Jonas Volman says:
Doing research for my new book.
Sassafras says:
What is your new book about?
Jonas Volman says:
The Places the Earth Stands Still.
Sassafras says:
Tell me more
Jonas Volman says:
I will not.
Sassafras says:
Where does the earth stand still?
Jonas Volman says:
Would you like to see one of these locations?
Sassafras says:
Jonas Volman says:
This will help get you there. Click here ---> http://af.rdir.us/ct?78/0
Sassafras says:
Thank you.
Jonas Volman says:
You're welcome.
At 10:56 AM PST, WhiteRaven119 had obtained the link above from Jonas Volman, which redirected him to the Server 04 Bounce Path Control:
Thanks Van Helsing!
Thanks Van Helsing!
HALO 3 SERVER 4 sm.jpg (398.23 KiB) Viewed 90389 times
Unfortunately, the majority of those attempting to input Server Keys came up with this:
Thanks T7P!
Thanks T7P!
s4runtimerror.JPG (130.04 KiB) Viewed 90349 times
By 11:02 AM PST, Server 4 had opened. A metallic object similar to the previous Servers is found within the new Server. The light within this artifact glows red, unlike its predecessors. The artifact spins if left alone, but when clicked upon it stops spinning and allows you to rotate it. Five icons are scattered about the object--clicking 4 of these will download files to your computer; the fifth makes the machine play a video.

The audio file that was on the Key and Path page can be found here:


The various files downloaded from Sever / Episode 04 are as follows:

Server 4 Video





You can get to Server 4 by going to
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