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[File] 801snpow.jpg

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This image was downloaded from Server 3.

When rotated 180 degrees, the filename becomes modus108

The filename as it's downloaded is 801snpow.jpg, but the file format is actually a .gif 89a. It's an 8-bit duotone image.

The image appears to be a close-up of a section of the wall on Server 01. The same pattern in 801snpow.jpg appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, and a mirror image of the pattern appears on the bottom right corner of the screen.



Hidden in the image within alternating pixels is a second image; when boosted in contrast one can see a mathematical formula:
Thanks WikiBruce!
Thanks WikiBruce!
801snpow-behind.jpg (5.2 KiB) Viewed 58249 times
The image depicts a partially shown quantum mechanics formula showing a wave function.