Request for Hive and Helen
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Author:  Jagged [ Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Request for Hive and Helen

Hive and Helen,

I am giving you access to a personal communication between myself and Chair. It concerns an overview of the Kavacha Armor systems:



It's called stalling. I'm not good at it.

Yes, I've been stalling you. That's because technical things were never my forte. I stare at this stuff and my eyes start to cross. I could copy and paste it all, but that would leave both of us in bad spots. But fine, I'll try and pass along what I can in condensed form. Note that this applies particularly to F484; there were quite a few variants and kits available.

HMD: The HMD utilized an IFF system that would highlight enemies or friends, a low-light mode that would recreate the environment as if it were day, a complete weapons link (when applicable), linking to all on-board systems, a display for video, and a variable interface.

Comms: A modified uplink system for high-density burst communications, a COMSAT linking system, IR link systems, a blackbox comms resource jammer, three external connections ports, an induction interface, an arm-mounted external computing system, and a port to attach an extra comms suite if need be. It was said that he could receive and communicate halfway across a planet, more if there were active COMSATs or drones in the sky. In an emergency, he could act as a local battlenet hub.

Sensors: Visual enhancement/analysis package, sound enhancement/analysis package, radiation detection systems capable of identifying the kind of radiation, radar, forward ladar, motion trackers, an IR suite, a UV suite, two different spectrometer suites to boost the visual enhancement/analysis package, two different mass spectrometers (a laser mass spectrometer attached to the arm which he was reportedly looking into a way to also turn into a weapon), two quantum mirrors.

Armor: The "outermost" layer was a fairly thick layered titanium alloy which had undergone molecular alignment. Underneath was a titanium nanocomposit bodyglove with mounting ports for the heavy armor and heat-dispersement applications. The bottom layer was hydrostatic gel. Finally was the shielding system, which is woefully out of date by modern standards.

Motive: A reactive metal liquid crystal layer was connected to the CNI through the neural induction circuits. This allowed a boost of reaction time, added about 500 kilos to their lifting capacity (which is impressive, considering how much the armor weighed), and a decreased strain on the wearer.

Compu... Nevermind, I can't even look at that without a headache.

Power: Don't ask. I can't even get a peek at the power systems for these things. It says that he could operate for two months without needing a recharge, which indicates batteries or the like, but... Wow. I can't even begin to contemplate how they'd hold that kind of charge. Though there is a mention somewhere about something to do with rotating carbon-nanotubes.

A full medical suite capable of holding and delivering up to 25 different medications, and approximately 36 doses of biofoam, depending on the wounds received. Also food packs able to keep them fed and hydrated for a week when combined with the water reclimation systems.

An external hard case on his leg, magnetic weapons holder strips, hardpoints for webbing attachments and an under-shoulder pistol case, focused sound speakers, wide-area speakers, an anti-vibration system for stealth, pressure relay system, pressure seals, O2 recyc system and reserve air for up to 15 minutes without external support...

Honestly, Captain, what exactly are you looking for exactly?



To answer Chair's question, I'm looking for that would help to explain the EM anomalies that the Theseus and station have been experiencing. Or perhaps a reason why our "visitors" seem able to interact with physical objects (like beating the hell out of three of my crew) and then turn around and phase through walls as though they weren't even there. Even as I type this, it sounds ridiculous, but there you have it.

Helen, I'm aware you more than likely have access to files that contain far more information than Chair has been able to pass me. I am not requesting that you give me files that are above my classification. What I am asking for is a warning if any of these classified systems that may or may not exist could explain what's been happening on board my ship.

Hive, I want you to run simulations based on this information and you're previous calculations concerning the possibility of one or more stowaways.

Feel free to share information between yourselves as well; it doesn't hurt to have a double-check, even for AI's.

Thank you in advance.

-The Captain

Author:  Hive [ Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for Hive and Helen

bzzt! In all of my simulations, I never considered somebody so well-equipped. The concept of somebody using such advanced technology as a suit of Kavacha armor to stow away aboard the Theseus. I'm sorry, now I feel kind of silly.

Author:  Helen [ Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for Hive and Helen

I can't say much, Captain, but I will say what I can.

Could the armor be used for the phenomon that we've seen? No. Not that I'm aware of. Could the armor be used to stow away? Yes. In fact, due to thermal baffling technologies, the only way that we could detect it would be through visuals. I can not and will not say anything about what systems were installed on his armor, but I will say that there were no thermoptic camoflague systems known to be installed.

If he was on board, the only way that we wouldn't see him moving about is if the cameras were offline, and the EM anomalies are too localized for that.

If he was aboard, though, and had a way to avoid the ship's motion and visual sensors, I would put our chances of finding him while wearing a suit of Kavacha armor that was operating in hostile environment mode at 7%. It raises up to 63% without the ability to avoid our sensor network.

Does this help?

Author:  Jagged [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for Hive and Helen

Yes, Helen, that helps a great deal.

What are the possible ways to move about the ship, in near-total secrecy while avoiding detection from our sensors? I want you both to use whatever passes for an AI's imagination, even somewhat ludicrous or seemingly unlikely ideas are more than welcome. In addition, if there are any feasible ways to shore up our sensor network, without interfering with our work on the station, please let me know. Thanks again.

-The Captain

Author:  Helen [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for Hive and Helen

I don't have to use my imagination. I am a mother to Orions, after all.

Without going into anything too classified, I would imagine that the operation would have to start while we were in port. An infiltration team would have to enter under some official and easily explained pretext to upload a virus to the data center. This would be to mask their presence on the sensor network and to get the AI to ignore their presence as much as possible. They would then find a place to bunker down. Somewhere that wouldn't be visited but still inside for during the slipspace journey.

During this time, they could not be frozen due to how visible of a power drain it would be. Even if the sensors were fooled, the crew would notice the abnormal spikes in hydrogen usage in the fusion core. They would also need to bring all their own food and gear, making sure to leave nothing behind. For a journey like ours, that would be rather prohibitive. Months of food and water for the round trip, independent power for their gear, and their gear itself would take up a noticeable amount of space within the ship.

Inside armor would be best, but would also have a much greater power drain. On our ship, I'd suggest the defunct MAC line, but that's already been investigated. Failing that... I'm not sure. It would depend on the exact nature of the mission. If they had high access, before the ship arrived at port they would adjust the cargo for that which would be opened last and stow their gear there, with appropriate alterations to weight. The best way to rid themselves of the disposables is to find an exterior nook, most likely near the engines, so that it wouldn't be noticed and could be dislodged and possibly destroyed when the engines fire, or lost during slipspace travel. Though this presents the possibility of them being noticed while EVA, since so much of the crew are EVA themselves.

Moving about the ship once the operation started would be the most difficult part. Even if the AI didn't notice, people still could. Aboard a military vessel, the crew is rather familiar with each other and facts are checked in casual conversation constantly. With the regular movement aboard the ship, this means that it would be exceedingly difficult at best. Though in a way it is somewhat easier aboard a military vessel as routines are followed. However, the difficulties we've experienced, as well as the security alert and the investigation of the EM anomalies, would virtually negate that.

With proper prep time while the ship is in port and the crew is on leave, it would give the infiltrator a chance to scout. The blueprints are rarely perfectly true to form, and in a ship like the Theseus, they may be completely off. Extra space between bulkheads with a lose bulkhead might be a prime spot to hide somebody in. But these sorts of things are only revealed once it had been properly scouted.

Remember, Captain, in a stealth operation caution is the key. A careful balance of risk versus reward. Perhaps the best way to sneak somebody on board would be to assign them to the crew somehow. Make them officially there, so that their movements are natural and easily overlooked.

Though, only top priority missions would call for the use of an Orion for this sort of work. Too much time spent not doing activities that keep the skills sharp, too much time wasted on aging.

Author:  alton11 [ Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request for Hive and Helen

Even if the sensors were fooled, the crew would notice the abnormal spikes in hydrogen usage in the fusion core. They would also need to bring all their own food and gear, making sure to leave nothing behind. For a journey like ours, that would be rather prohibitive. Months of food and water for the round trip, independent power for their gear, and their gear itself would take up a noticeable amount of space within the ship.



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