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 Notable conversation: Gallegos/Teboe 
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Unread post Notable conversation: Gallegos/Teboe
Bzzt! Given current protocol, I thought it prudent to share this conversation with you, Captain.

bzzt! I have applied your personal language filters.


Teboe: Situation goatBLAM.
Gallegos: Excuse me?
Teboe: You heard me.
Gallegos: Yeah, but...
Teboe: What, you arguing with me on this?
Gallegos: No, I just don't know what you're talking about. I mean, repairs to this hold are going good.
(Pause, 12.4 seconds)
Teboe: Seriously.
Gallegos: (Confused) What? So what if we're stuck doing a swabbie's job! We're getting better than freezer pay.
Teboe: (Disgusted) Where the hell have you been?
Gallegos: Well, there's this bun that works in Cryo that I've-(Interrupted)
Teboe: Distracted by a piece of BLAM. What the BLAM ever. Forget about the FPU and listen to me, man. We're in it to our eyeballs. Mysterious explosions, a star that seems too stable until it decides to puke on us, Orion data popping up, reports of ghosts, people disappearing or dying, security crews running all over the place with nothing to report and not being told what to look for-(Interrupted)
Gallegos: You forgot somebody getting caught with a bun and ending up in medical.
Teboe: Nah, that's just his fault for getting caught. You'll get the same if you keep after the FPU. Or they'll find a way to bust you down again.
Gallegos: Can't bust me down any farther.
Teboe: You'd be surprised. Anyway, that's not what I'm talking about.
Gallegos: Then what are you talking about?
Teboe: You know how we got a bunch of replacement crap? They tried to keep it quiet, but scuttlebutt says that it was delivered by a Prowler.
(Pause, 3.7 seconds)
Gallegos: (Worried) Who's saying that?
Teboe: Most everybody who was there when they docked and unloaded. Those that aren't saying it, they aren't saying anything.
Gallegos: At all?
Teboe: At all.
(Pause, 8.2 seconds)
Gallegos: I gotta quit with the buns and try to find a way to get back in the freezer.
Teboe: (Sarcastically) Finally.
Gallegos: What do you think is going on?
Teboe: My guess? ONI has its head so far up it's BLAM that they wanted to run a little experiment.
Gallegos: (Dismissively) They wouldn't do that.
Teboe: (Defensively) Why not?
(Pause, 12.4 seconds)
Gallegos: (Frustrated) Get back to work, will ya?

Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:20 pm
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Unread post Re: Notable conversation: Gallegos/Teboe
bzzt! They seem to have picked up their conversation.

Gallegos: Hey, Randy?
Teboe: Yeah.
Gallegos: I've been thinking...
Teboe: (Sarcastically) Oh, this should be good.
Gallegos: No, no, hear me out. (Pause, 1.8 seconds) The way that I see it, the Cap is the stand-up kind, right?
Teboe: (Hesitantly) Yeah...
Gallegos: And the XO, she seems like the kind who would come up with creative ways to make your life miserable if you stepped out of line.
Teboe: I'm with you, yeah.
Gallegos: If they ordered the crew not to talk about the Prowler, don't you think that they'd all be quiet about it?
Teboe: Well, it's a ship. People talk.
Gallegos: Well, yeah. But you know what I'm saying. It woulda taken a long time to reach us.
Teboe: I see your point, I think, but where are you going with this?
Gallegos: Well, if ONI was telling us BOHICA, don't you think that the Cap would want everybody to keep as quiet about it as possible?
(Pause, 8.3 seconds)
Gallegos: (Insistently) Well?
Teboe: Okay, you might have a point there.
Gallegos: I mean, if I was a Navy Captain, I wouldn't want my people yammering about a Prowler if ONI was yanking our chain.
Teboe: But what if the Cap doesn't know that ONI is yanking our chain? What about the second AI?
Gallegos: I heard somebody whining about pockets of EM interference popping up a while back. I mean, if the star went from super-stable to blarg to normal, maybe they're wondering if the star is making those anomalies. And if that's the case, well... This is a surveillance station, right? ONI handles intel, right?
Teboe: So, you're saying that maybe the AI is to make sure things go okay?
Gallegos: Or, maybe it's to see if it can figure out what's up with the interference, so that the swabbies can insulate the station or something. I mean, this thing's worth a lot of money, and they don't want to waste it, right?
(Pause, 6.5 seconds)
Teboe: Huh. That actually makes a lot of sense.
(Pause, 3.2 seconds)
Teboe: (Mocking anger) Who are you and what have you done with Dan?

Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:52 pm
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Unread post Re: Notable conversation: Gallegos/Teboe
Keep an eye on them, especially Teboe. If they try to stir the pot, I want a lid on it. Have them placed back in cryo for disruptive conduct. If the XO wishes to vent her frustrations, she can handle that.

Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:54 am
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Unread post Re: Notable conversation: Gallegos/Teboe
Actually...belay that. I've been thinking about this for a while (and over a bit of Scotch while reading Chair's reports) and I would rather not have any more secretive behavior and people disappearing and being silence on my vessel than there already is. Let our two chatterboxes continue on their merry way, but keep them monitored.

Instead, I would like to hold a full crew conference in the mess hall. Myself, Hive, Helen and XO McAllister will be present as I inform the crew of the following:

"As I'm sure some of you have heard, there has been a heightened level of interest from ONI's Research bigwigs due to the star's unusual stability patterns, not to mention the fact that we've stumbled upon an obviously captured rogue star that has more layers than an irradiated Earth-grown onion. ONI has been made aware of our EM anomalies and the auroral occurances and is investigating whether the star, the planet, or some combination of these two is causing the anomalies.

ONI did indeed dispatch a Prowler to deliver additonal supplies to help with the investigation along with a guest A.I. to help take some of the burden off of our own beloved Hive's shoulders (at this point I would have Helen introduce herself to the entire crew over the Comms). As you all know, a handful of crewmen have been injured at the same time as some of these EM anomalies, though at a small enough ratio to possibly be considered coincidental.

However, ONI's shady types and myself are agreed that, coincidental or not, it is better to be safe than sorry and as such have enacted a new protocol requiring security and medical teams to be dispatched to the location of any EM anomaly that occurs as soon as it happens. I am anticipating, and hopeful, that these teams will not find anything requiring their particular fields of expertise, but on the off chance their services are required, I would feel much safer knowing they are available and on the scene. In order to make up for the additional duties of these new protocols and studies, additional personnel have been brought out of cryo to assist the existing crew.

Some of the more astute of you may have connected the dots and assumed that these events and XO McAllister's newest contest are connected. Well, you would be correct and as such I would hope you now take the contest even more seriously. If that's not enough motivation for you, then I want announce that in addition to whatever prizes XO McAllister has set forth, I am allowing the winners of the contest a 3-month pass at the Officer's Club, cover charges waived. (Pause for crew reaction)

I'm sorry I haven't discussed these events and circumstances at large with the crew sooner, but life has been very hectic and busy trying to get all of this set up and ready. But now that things are, for the most part, stable and good to go, I have a bit more time to manage crew duties. I want to make it clear that as your Captain, I am here for you. Each and every one of you. If any of you have any concerns whatsoever about the changes aboard our giant metal beehive, I invite you to feel free to come to me and voice your concerns. You are all like sons and daughters to me, and I want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are not alone and, if you need it, you have a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on in me.

Captain out."

Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:28 pm
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