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 Notable interaction: Raschad/Wolfe 
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Unread post Notable interaction: Raschad/Wolfe
Bzzt! I have monitored the following conversation. As per your orders, I am relaying a transcript to you.

bzzt! I have applied your personal language filter.

Raschad: (Groans)
Wolfe: (Quietly) Idiot?
Raschad: Heart grows fonder.
Wolfe: I've called you idiot before.
Raschad: Once. This makes twice. Before long, you won't use anything that you can make an acronym out of.
Wolfe: (Quiet laughter)
Raschad: Was wondering how long it would take.
Wolfe: For what?
Raschad: For you to ditch whomever and pay me a visit.
Wolfe: I'm not exactly guarded. Muldoon has me.
Raschad: (Noise in the back of his throat) I see.
Wolfe: He's been talking to me about transferring.
Raschad: (Evenly) He probably would.
(Pause, 1:38)
Wolfe: So, uh, McAllister tells me you're an Orion...
Raschad: Eh? (Pause, 2.3 seconds) Oh, those guys. Nah. They offered, I refused. So I'm just a test subject for them. Didn't receive the full package or anything. Mostly just therapies and junk. The freezer I was in was only meant to last for a year or two tops. I went well beyond my sell-by date.
(Pause, 38.5 seconds)
Wolfe: (Quietly) Then you did lie to me.
Raschad: (Confused) Eh?
Wolfe: You... You slept through the war. There were a lot of people drafted for it. Both of my parents were. Mom got a nice desk job, but Dad... He had to do a few front line things. He thought he was unlucky because he didn't die in them, which meant he got sent to another. Not Reach or anything, but still some pretty brutal stuff. They both had to see shrinks for a long time. By the time I came around, he was mostly okay. He insisted that I work out, though. The only five year old girl whose dad was pushing her to do two more reps in the gym. But I remember always thinking he could handle anything. He served, after all. Daddy could handle anything.
(Pause, 5.7 seconds)
Wolfe: When I was twelve, this flea ship came to port. Basically a huge flea market. The four of us, including my little brother, all went to see it. The two of us were so excited. I don't remember what Mom and Dad thought of it. But while browsing, the four of us wandered into an area... I don't know. I know it wasn't legal, so the owner must have hidden it or something, but... There was a brute. Stuffed. Complete with a replica of a spiker in its hands. I squealed and looked behind me... My dad...
Wolfe: (Uncomfortably) All stiff, his eyes somewhere else. His hands gripping, as if trying to feel his weapon in them. In just a few seconds he went from calm and happy to sweating heavily. He just put one hand on my brother and pushed... He practically threw my brother behind him. I grabbed his leg, and he turned a bit, putting himself between me and it. Mom had to spend a few minutes talking him down.
(Pause, 3.8 seconds)
Wolfe: He looked and acted like you did.
(Pause, 18.3 seconds)
Wolfe: You didn't get frozen first, did you?
(Pause, 2.4 seconds)
Raschad: (Hoarse) No.
Wolfe: (Quietly) Were really one of the last defrosted?
(Pause, 8.7 seconds)
Raschad: The last.
(Pause, 4.1 seconds)
Wolfe: You were the one who rescued everybody.
(Pause, 10.6 seconds)
Raschad: Yeah.
(Pause, 3.7 seconds)
Wolfe: You told me you got your scars from a strut collapsing on a relief job.
(Pause, 4.6 seconds)
Raschad: I was shot a couple times. Stabbed a few times. Clawed more than I want to admit. Anybody that I could recognize as a human, or mostly human, I was determined to save. If they'd let me. That wasn't often. We were all pretty far gone. Really far gone. I... I didn't see humans very often. One guy... He looked human at first. I mean, he was human. I know that. But I didn't see that. His face split down the middle. Straight up and down, and opened up. Full of teeth. I... took him down. (Pause, 7.2 seconds) But the scars on my face? I did those to myself. When I realized what I was doing... That's when I knew I was done. No more fighting, no more killing. No more saving. That's when I left everybody to die.
(Pause, 7.3 seconds)
Wolfe: Where did you learn to fight like that?
Raschad: (Bitter laughter) Dad was Marines. My family goes all the way back, mostly. Switches from father to mother at one point, but yeah. All the way back to before humanity first left Earth. So we were raised pretty hard to be Marines. Dad had us enroll in martial arts courses whenever we'd go to a new base. Wrestling. I knew how to field strip a rifle faster than most of the marines here can by the age of seven. He was so dead set on me being a leatherneck that... Well, I joined the Navy, obviously. He wasn't happy about that. Our last words were... There's some stuff you can't take back. We both said plenty of it. Not that, you know... Not that I ever had a chance.
(Pause, 8.3 seconds)
Raschad: (Sniffs) But, you know what? He was right. He said that some day I'd thank him. And I did. Third neck I snapped, I realized that I was only alive thanks to him. I've always wondered... What would he thought if he'd known? What would he...
Wolfe: He would have been proud. You saved lives.
Raschad: Ended them, too. Some of those I saved ended up worse than if I'd let them die. And I'm not talking about time in the freezer, either. We were so hopped up, near the end nobody was feeling anything. I broke one guy's arm, and he ripped the bone out to try and stab me with. Trust me, that's a sight you never...
(Pause, 12.4 seconds)
Wolfe: Shh. You don't have to- (Interrupted)
Raschad: You want me to lie to you again?
Wolfe: No. I just want you to be you. (Pause, 4.6 seconds) What am I going to do with you?
Raschad: Look me up on occasion? (Pause, 2.4 seconds) I'm mustering out our next stop.
Wolfe: (Surprised) What? What are you going to do?
Raschad: Bar. I'm going to buy a bar, I think. Or something.
Wolfe: I've only seen you drink three times.
Raschad: Which is why I'd make a good owner. I wouldn't drink it all away. More money.
Wolfe: Selfish son of a BLAM.
Raschad: (Proudly) That's me.
Wolfe: Remind me again why I like you so much.
Raschad: Because I'm a charming selfish SOB who fesses up to it, takes my punishment in good graces, and throws in a helping of watching everybody else's backs while I'm at it.
Wolfe: Moron.
Raschad: See? I'm already moving up.
Wolfe: That's not the way it works.

Bzzt! They remained silently together for another fifteen minutes. CN Raschad then slipped back into unconsciousness. Three minutes later, PO3 Wolfe kissed him on the cheek and reported back to where they had placed her in medical.

Bzzt! I have forwarded this report to Dr. Muldoon. He is not asleep yet, so he should not find too much reason to complain. Beyond the usual.

Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:35 am
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Unread post Re: Notable interaction: Raschad/Wolfe
Have Muldoon make an appointment to meet with CN Raschad to discuss his desire to 'muster out'. I personally have no problem with it, if it's what he really wants. But I want to make sure it's not just him reacting to a stressful situation without putting the proper level of thought into it.

And as much as it goes against protocol, I will take no punitive measures in Wolfe or Raschad as long as this information stays between them and none of the other crew. It's a stressful time and we need any source of comfort and trust we can get. Muldoon may be a good doctor...but comfortable he is not. Let Raschad and Wolfe enjoy this camaraderie for the time being, as long as they keep it PG.

Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:01 am
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