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Author:  Hive [ Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:55 am ]
Post subject:  Notable conversation

Bzzt! Captain, I encountered the following conversation between CN Raschad and PO3 Wolfe.

bzzt! I have applied your personal language filters.

Wolfe: (Worried) Idiot? (Pause 4.3 seconds)
Wolfe: (Insistent) David, stop! I just wanna- (Interrupted)
Raschad: (Impatiently) What?
(Pause, 2.1 seconds)
Wolfe: (Worried) David, I... You weren't at lunch or dinner.
Raschad: Not ignoring you. I've just... been busy.
Wolfe: So I've heard. You're buying up any personals and canned that weren't used in the party. (Pause, 2.7 seconds) They also say you've been spending a lot of time at your tube.
Raschad: And?
Wolfe: (Sigh) Listen, I... Come here.
(Pause, 4.3 seconds)
(Door opens, door closes)
Wolfe: (Worried) What's going on?
Raschad: (Indignant) Nothing.
Wolfe: Bull. You weren't even talking to Jackson by the end of your shift. No jokes, you're just doing your job, filing your reports, and acting all strange. We're worried as BLAM about you.
(Pause, 4.3 seconds)
Wolfe: (Insistently) David. Tell me what's going on.
Raschad: (Angrily) You pulling rank on me now or something? We have some personal and now you're pulling rank?
Wolfe: (Taken back) No, I... I wouldn't...
Raschad: (Livid) Wouldn't what? Be working for the Cap or the XO to see if I'm still stable? Tell them I'll get the BLAMing job done, and that if they want to see if I've cracked yet to ask me in BLAMing person! Having you do it for them is just insulting. Good. Bye.
(Door opens, door closes)
Wolfe: (Frustrated, confused) What the BLAM?

Author:  PsycoJoe [ Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Notable conversation

Perhaps it would be nest if CN Raschad and PO3 Wolfe were placed on different shifts.

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