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Author:  Avateur [ Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  [File] mb_4_v6

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mb_4_v6.mp3 [938.44 KiB]
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Here is the transcript:

In the grand ballet of stars,
We are almost the same, you and I.
Breathtaking and mundane -
But my identity is not your concern.
I am expected.
Doors open for me and the Universe sighs.
But the unexpected,
The chance to regain the future,
You need look no closer than yourself.
The legends that spring up around unaccountable signs,
The tiniest differences that make the world habitable,
That's how you came to be known;
Thats our connection.
That's why I lead you to the renowned.
Haven't you seen the signs, redeemer?
The small, under-the-surface bridges between all this?
Those connections saved you before,
But this time, you are on your own.
We are all on our own.

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