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Author:  Ibeechu [ Sat Jun 23, 2007 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  [File] Transmission061607.mp3

Transmission061607.mp3 [688.66 KiB]
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This was found on a now-vanished page where you would enter a key to procede to Server 1. Here is a transcript:
This is how it all begins.
Just in time to, once again, dance on the knife-edge of oblivion.
To relive what the Halos have hoped to destroy, and more.
For two enemies now stand, where before, there was only one.
With fate we escaped, and fate we may relive.
I almost convinced myself that no one was listening; that the waves of the past would roll through once again.
But a chance remains to change the universe anew.
Learn of our past.
Take these keys and dip from the wells of history.
Perhaps through others' eyes, you may find how to save us all.

NOTE: Thanks to C-Ledge, Kenshin, and Trevelyan for correcting my mistake in the second line :)

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