My Flood Theory
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Author:  Umbrella [ Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  My Flood Theory

I apologise in advance if my creation of this thread breaks any forum rules or the theory has been already brought to attention or disapproved. This is a work in progress theory, made by a noob to ARGs and a somewhat learned scholar of the Halo universe. It delves into a possible origin of the Flood and a reason as to why it can spread so quickly. This little idea also shows that the threat of the Flood is on an even grander scale, as hard as it may be to believe.

Alright, I was watching an episode of the X-Files. In the episode, Mulder and Scully were investigating the disappearnaces of a company of loggers. It turns out that the insects believed to have killed the loggers had been hibernating in the several century old trees the loggers cut.

This gave me a possible explanation for the spreading of the Flood infection. Perhaps the Flood evolved and thrived before the Forerunners, but in a dormant state. The Forerunners, after discovering the other life, may have toyed with the Flood virus, awakening the sleeping parasite in their quest for knoweledge. Perhaps the newly awakened bacteria can activate dormant bacteria, which will explain how the Flood can spread so quickly. Imagine, if dormant Flood bacteria was all around us on Earth, it would only take a single active cell to unleash them all. A bit of poetic irony isn't it? The thing the Forerunner's unleashed ultimately brought them to their doom.

I'm very open to constructive criticism, so if you know something in my theory is impossible, post it so that it can be repaired and revisited with the possibility of harboring a different idea or theory.

Author:  failedparachute [ Thu Jul 12, 2007 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Flood Theory

I like the theory, and it ties into some of the "required" reading list on the HBO Story page, specifically Christopher Rowley's Starhammer/Vang Series. I myself have only read Starhammer, and I still need to acquire the Vang, but anyways, long story short, the Vang are more or less the inspiration for the Flood, and the Vang, at least to my recollection of Starhammer could form together as a multicellular organsim, by, for lack of a better word, fusing together, they started in a spore-like state, but when disturbed formed, if I remember right worm-like organisms that then took over larger organisms, humans and aliens alike. This would be a lot easier if I had the book with me, but I don't.

Now, I like the theory, but to my knowledge the Flood don't actually behave that way, though I could see that the spores the Flood release into the environment being able to communicate to the Infection and Combat forms, possibly by a release of chemicals, like pheromones in insects. This has gotten me thinking as to why the Flood alter the atmosphere of wherever they go. Is there ever a reason given other than they do and that's part of the Flood's modus operandi? Perhaps, my memory has failed me here and someone else can shed some light on the subject.

Author:  Admiral Whitcomb [ Thu Jul 12, 2007 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Flood Theory

it does explain why the forerunners kept the flood on the halo's for study, good job

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