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 perhaps we are looking for the wrong things 
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Unread post Re: perhaps we are looking for the wrong things
TheJoseph wrote:
And correct me if I'm wrong, but it's never stated that the Covenant have only visited the same two Halos as we did, or that they never saw the Flood before. They just couldn't fire the array without a reclaimer (read: human) anyway, and they certainly know their way around the technology. Two possibilities here: Either they can fire the array from the Ark without a Reclaimer, and that's why they want to get to it so desperately, OR the Prophets know that it's a safe haven, and want to secure it for themselves. It's shown that they already understand the Great Journey is going to wipe the galaxy of sentient life, and maybe they don't want to die.

From both the murals, and what Mercy and Truth say, it seems that they found Alpha Halo by following the Pillar of Autumn into slip-space. Having better engines, they got there first, and I am pretty sure they were exciting to finally find one.

HSP wrote:

Even as the humans' annihilation filled us with satisfaction, the loss of one of the sacred rings wracked our hearts with grief.


Putting aside our sorrow, we renewed our faith in the prophecy that other rings would be found, and see how our faith has been rewarded. ... dicon.html

While it is evident that the Prophets knew of Halos existence, I don't believe they ever found one, until Alpha Halo, but, their finding of Delta Halo is still a complete mystery. Obviously, something was in New Mombossa, and Regret found whatever "it" was, which was possibly the location of Delta Halo.
And I agree on the flood, they treated the flood as a trail they had not expected, not an expected enemy.

I believe it is evident that Truth, at least, knows what Halo does. He is constantly telling Mercy, in short, 'Shut up, you know nothing." just in the way he talks. While the other prophets, may be diluted or not in knowing what Halo really does, Truth seems to have a good understanding of the situation at hand. So, as you said, either Truth is hoping to save his behind, or, knows a way to remotely activate the entire system from the Ark

However, my question is, does he even know what the Ark is? Or it's location? It's obvious that he either doesn't know what the ark does yet, or specifically asked 343GS upon questioning, "Where is a place we will be safe from Halo," and or " Where can we remotely fire every Halo."

Both questions show that he knows what he is looking for, and is a more dangerous adversary than every.


Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:11 pm
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Unread post Re: perhaps we are looking for the wrong things
Regret going directly to New Mombasa and having his fleet/troops ready it to excavate the Ark seems to go against that theory.

Fri Jun 22, 2007 8:59 pm
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Unread post Re: perhaps we are looking for the wrong things
You both make really good points. One possibility is that they found the Ark's location from the first Halo before we broke it. Though none of them made it off-planet(off-ring?) when it blew, the Arbiter obviously survived, and maybe some information survived with him. In the Halo Graphic Novel, bottom of page 95:

So the only reasonable assumption I have is that they learned the Ark's location from the first Halo, and they could then use the Ark's information to find the other rings directly. Maybe the Ark coordinates and communications between the entire array. Coordinating and communicating seem to be AdjutantReflex's duty, on a slightly different note.

Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:07 pm
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